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$1 Gift Ideas For The Whole Family


Pictured above: Knick-knacks at only $1 | Credit:

Lelong lelong! (Singlish for cheap sale) It’s not easy to find items you can buy with just a golden coin. Pop in to your favourite mama shop and a packet of Milo would have already costed you about at least $1.20!

We sniffed out some of the best deals online and found a shop called ‘One Dollar Only’ where you can get gifts, stationery and retro knick-knacks in Singapore for just $1. There are also products priced slightly above a dollar, but it is a wallet-friendly way to get some cool toys and stationery which you (or your children) can bring for the new school term, or if you are looking for something to keep the family busy during the stay-in weekends!

Five Stones

Pictured above: Five stones game | Credit:

Long before the invention of computers, iPhones and Nintendo Switch, five stones was the game that our ah gongs and ah mas would play during their kampung days. It was the ‘Animal Crossing’ of that generation. Five stones is not only a fun and easy game to introduce to your child, but one that carries a little of Singapore’s history and culture too!

Reusable Metal Straw

Pictured above: 3-pc metal straw set in fabric casing | Credit:

Sustainability starts with self; learning starts from home. Gifting your children their first reusable metal straw and educating them of the benefits will only allow your child to appreciate nature even more.

Portable Magnetic Snake & Ladders

Pictured above: Mini board game | Credit:

Growing up, the biggest lesson I had learned from playing ‘Snake and Ladders’ is: life is unpredictable. You gain some, you lose some. Therefore, in life, don’t ever ‘jiak zhua’ (‘eat snake’, a Hokkien phrase to describe skiving at work and slacking off).

Instead of shooting enemies or baking pies virtually, why not consider this portable board game that is ideal for the whole family?

Box of Rewards Stickers

Pictured above: Positive stickers with dispenser | Credit:

Sometimes, all it takes to let your children know how much you love them is not through a tight hug, but stickers! Yes, everyone love stickers – whether it’s on their exercise books, their palms or on the wall. $1 for a box of 150 stickers is better than ice cream, if you ask me.

Rainbow Kite

Pictured above: Positive stickers with dispenser | Credit:

A little weekend sunshine with the family at the beach or park sounds like the perfect Sunday to me! Kite-flying may seem daunting, but all you need is an open space, strong winds and a $1 kite.

Neon Skipping Rope

Pictured above: Children playing rope skipping | Credit:

There is no better time to keep fit then now! We know the idea of exercising can seem like a chore, but even a 10-minute workout is better than nothing! Kids love to jump and run around, so bust out a skipping rope to keep them busy for 10 minutes sounds good, no? You may also consider skipping along your HDB corridors instead.

Unicorn Sticky Note Set

Pictured above: Unicorn stationery item | Credit:

Is the unicorn trend over yet? I don’t think so! The little girls and boys are going to love this, adding post-it notes on their school books and files. A pretty good way to encourage the younglings to categorize their worksheets properly.

Pick Up Sticks

Pictured above: Person playing pick up sticks | Credit:

5! 6! Pick up sticks! This is another traditional game that tests the physical and mental skills… and well, sportsmanship too. We’ve seen adults losing to children in this game, so don’t give your kids an advantage because they truly have what it takes to win!

Unicorn Clipboard

Pictured above: Clipboards in a row | Credit:

Your child may or may not need it, but I think I do! You probably won’t need a clipboard as much as a file for school or work, but from personal experience, this is the physical way of ‘pinning’ important notes, such as the class timetable! Sorry kids, no more ‘the dog ate it’ excuses.

Browse more $1 items at To help alleviate the boredom and trouble of staying home during the circuit breaker period, some items are going at 80 cents!