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10 Simple Morning Hacks To Knock Out The Sleepy


Don’t we all wish we can wake up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy? But the truth is probably the furthest from this right now. Mornings are either the best or the worst depending on which half of the population you’re asking; but it’s okay because us non-morning peeps could use a few hacks to get us going through the morning sludge! Here’re some easy tips to get yourself ready for the day ahead!


Plan out the night before



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To avoid becoming a bumbling idiot or a zombie wanting brains, we could make things easier for our drowsy selves. How? Map out tasks the night before, place your bags and keys somewhere visible and convenient, and pick out the day’s outfit before going to bed. Trust us, your 6am grumpy self will give thanks to your extra efforts! Planning well is half the battle won. Bet you now wished you did this the night before, right?


Get the most of your mornings



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Another tip for the pre-morning is to set up a morning routine if you’ve not done so! In your sleepy haze, you’re going to be less efficient and forgetful. Having a familiar step-by-step makes it easier to go through the motion. The key here’s to make your morning as smooth-sailing as possible, giving yourself more time and space to enjoy the morning!


Set alarms as reminders


It’s not fun to wake up from a drowsy state, only to realise you’re running late and still in PJs! #WalaoEh if you tend to get absorbed into a task and lose all sense of time, set up reminders to keep yourself on track and accountable. You’ll have a less taxing morning on the way out!


15-minute buffer zone


Most of us don’t wake up to the first cry of the alarm, ready to #CarpeDiem (if you do, we applaud you). In reality, we’ll more likely want to nua in bed unwilling to emerge from the safe cocoon of blankets. So why not set aside 15 minutes to enjoy a lazy morning? Just remember to get out of bed when the reminder rings!


The snoozing dilemma


If you’re like me and love the snooze button, read on. Trying not to snooze, especially when you’re feeling extra tired, is basically impossible! However, you might realise you feel less rested than before trying to get some extra minutes of sleep. That’s because fading in and out of sleep in short intervals messes with your natural sleep cycle.

Sleep early if you’re exhausted the night before; or as a last resort, set your alarm intervals to 20 to 30 minutes.


Time to hydrate yourself


Drinking a full glass of water may be the easiest way to get your body to start working in the morning. It helps kickstart the body’s metabolism, making you feel less sluggish! Plus it’s quick, so #H20FTW. Next time, think again before reaching out for the 3-in-1 coffee sachets or teh o as your first liquid of the day!


Hit that morning playlist



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Sometimes all we need is a little music to energise ourselves. A little something to groove to as you shake the sleep away! Put together a mix of your favourite upbeat tracks or play the radio Muttons in the Morning is a good one to wake you up with chuckles!) if you’re lazy to compile. Whatever floats your boat, so long as you’re happy!


Mindful showering



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Most of us tend to zone out in the shower; it’s as if we skipped through time when we try to recall what happened! Try practicing being mindful in the shower, feel the streams of water wash your impending stress (and sleep) away, and into the drain.


Wake up your mind


Maybe having too much silence in mindfulness isn’t your cuppa joe; that’s a-okay! But rather than brooding with a cloud of ugh, try listening to an audio book, or read some short stories or poetry while sipping on your hot coffee. Stretch those brain muscles and rejuvenate them with beautiful literature the internet has to offer!


A deep breath in and stretch



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Waking up the mind is done, so how about the body? You could stretch while in bed flexing like a cat, or in the shower with hot water running. Inhale and exhale deeply, breathing away the tension. You’ll feel less lethargic and in a better mood with a relaxed body!


Imagine your day


Here’s the last and slightly wacky tip from this list – mental stimulation. Say what? It’s actually common practice amongst athletes and sports players to mentally visualise the next steps, then practice the actions and prepare the mind for what’s to come. #PsychHack, yeah? Try it by assuring yourself that you can face the tasks of the day without a hitch.

We do hope that these quick hacks will make your mornings less daunting and a little more rewarding, because there’s nothing you can’t do if you set out to accomplish it!