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10 Weird Things That Happened in Singapore In 2020

Credit: u/ayam, Slashgear

2020 is coming to a close and for all of its faults, you can’t say 2020 wasn’t memorable. To send the year off, we look back at 10 of the weirdest things that happened in 2020.

1.  Boston Dynamics Robot Dog Patrols Bishan Park

Credit: u/djmpence

Do you remember the yellow metal doggo that patrolled Bishan Park earlier this year? That would be Spot, made by Boston Dynamics, which has recently been sold to Hyundai. Spot was deployed in Singapore to remind park visitors to socially distance themselves in May.

2.  All McDonald’s Outlets Shut For A Month

Credit: screengrab from Facebook

Everyone’s had to make sacrifices to stay safe during the pandemic. For Singaporeans who love dining in at McDonald’s, they woke up sometime in early April to a stunning announcement. McDonald’s would shutter its outlets island-wide, to prevent further spread of the virus, as several of its staff members tested positive for COVID-19.

A month! Naturally, that resulted in some emotional reunions when McDonald’s re-opened.

3.  Improvised Masks

Credit: u/weeleongtio

During the height of the pandemic here in Singapore, masks were becoming a rare commodity. Cue the creativity that comes out of desperation and fear.

4.  The Guy In The COVID-19 Team Jersey

Credit: u/doggoesmeowmeow

While there are those who are rightfully worried about the virus, there are others who go out of their way to make people laugh so they won’t cry.

5.  Hello, Virus Vanguard. Goodbye, Virus Vanguard.

A joint effort by and Band of Doodlers, the Virus Vanguard was a team of fictional comic  book style Singaporean superheroes who were introduced in April, ostensibly to inspire Singaporeans to be on guard against COVID-19 at all times. But just a day after their introduction, they were removed from the page that introduced them to Singapore.

Credit: Band of Doodlers /

The founder of Band of Doodlers was later forced to step down after accusations of plagiarism surfaced. Ai-yo-yo.

6.  The Price of Toilet Paper Went Up By Double Digits

Credit: u/djmpence

The thought of a lockdown threw Singaporeans into a buying frenzy as they crowded supermarkets to buy essentials like toilet paper. News outlets reported how the increase in demand drove up the cost of toilet paper, which rose by up to 49%.

7.  The East Coast Plan

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance Heng Swee Keat announced that he had an East Coast Plan during the General Election. His speech regarding the East Coast Plan quickly became a meme. Thailand and Malaysia got in on it as well as South African restaurant chain, Nandos. It also became a best-selling sticker.

Credit: u/ayam

The best part? The proceeds from the sale of the stickers went to a soup kitchen, which helps to feed the needy. Aww.

8.  The Guy That Made A Watermelon Gameboy

Credit: cedishappy

Not satisfied with just any Gameboy, this mad lad decided to make his own custom skin out of an actual watermelon. He also has a process video up in case anybody would like to follow in his footsteps. It even includes footage of him playing Pokémon Emerald on it while seated next to some puzzled commuters!

Note: Living up to his mad lad reputation, he later made a durian version.

9.  Pandan Flavoured Tap Water

Credit: @misohungryallthetime

In July, some Singaporeans found that their boiled tap water smelled just like pandan. Similar reports also emerged from Johor Bahru. An investigation conducted by the Public Utilities Board later revealed that the source was the Johor River, which supplies much of Singapore’s water. The affected water was soon isolated and then flushed out and replaced with water from Singapore’s own supply.

10.  CNN Declares That Singapore Is Not A Country

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In October, CNN produced an info-graphic with a list of countries with fewer COVID-19 cases in the last 24 hours than the White House. Singapore was in the list with just 7 cases with a caveat – CNN added a note to say that Singapore, was in fact, not a country.

The news network later removed the graphic and issued a correction.

And that concludes our review of all the weird things that happened this year. Did we miss out on anything? Let us know on our Facebook page here.