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12 Ice Cream Deliveries To Get You Through The Sweltering Singapore Weather


Singapore’s hot and I mean, real hot with a capital H! That is probably why we Singaporeans love our icy-cold desserts and creamy ice creams. Whether you fancy a sweet treat or simply love anything a la mode, a scoop of frosty delight sure helps to beat this humid weather.

There are those fancy flavours, unique gelatos and old-school ice cream sandwiches that we have come to love. During this period, you don’t even need to travel to get your ice cream fix as it can be delivered right to your doorstep. Bingeing on shows with your favourite ice cream doesn’t get better than this!

Here are some ice cream deliveries to get you through the bored evenings.




Ice cream die-hard fans will have tried Creamier and probably loved its creamy and flavourful ice cream flavours. Popular flavours include the Sea Salt Gula Melaka, Roasted Pistachio and Earl Grey Lavender.

Their handcrafted ice creams sell out pretty quickly, but flavours are restocked on Mondays and Thursdays, 12pm. For the golden waffles that you’ll be able to pair it with your ice cream, those packs are restocked on Tuesdays and Fridays, 12pm.

Delivery: $18 (free delivery for orders $65 and above)

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Tom’s Palette


This crowd-favourite ice cream parlour has a track record of coming up with creative and innovative ice cream flavours like its Chee Cheong Fan, Pipagao and Mango Sticky Rice!

During this period, they are only opening pre-orders with limited flavours each round, so be sure to check out their social platforms for updates. They are even giving away DIY packs when you order more tubs.

Delivery: $11 (for orders below $50) / $2 (for orders $50 to $70) / Free for orders above $70

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This local ice cream brand has become synonymous with Singapore, often seen at events (Trump-Kim Summit, anyone?) , conferences and even at some convenience stores these few years.

You can still get your favourite cold dessert online with new flavours like Himalayan Salt Lemon Sherbet and Milky Chocolate Cookie Dough. They are even selling ice cream pies and cakes to help satisfy those cravings. For a limited time, you can get $5 off with the promo code ‘UDDERSNEW‘ for new orders!

Delivery: $5 (min. order of $35) / Free for orders $60 and above

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Originally a late-night hangout place for family and friends over a scoop of ice cream, Lickers is not disappointing their fans with their delectable ice creams, serving a wide variety of flavours for delivery and pick-ups.

Try the Yakult Oreo, Classic Cheesecake or Mao Shan Wang to end your night a little sweeter.

Delivery: $20 (free for orders $65 and above)

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A Spoonful of Sugar


As of 22 May, A Spoonful of Sugar is currently running a promotion where 2 pints of ice cream goes for only $18.90, with $2 add-on for every deluxe flavour (Durian, Dark Knight, Avocado Strawberry). It is a cheaper option as compared to the rest, but remember to place your order at least 1-2 days in advance.

Delivery: $5 (min. order of $30) / Free for orders $50 and above

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Since 2012, Merely has been making the people in Tampines and Bencoolen Street satisfied with their quality ice cream. Best-selling flavours to check out include Salted Butterscotch, Earl Grey, Horlicks Panda and S’mores! My personal favourite? Their Baileys Coffee, which is also available for online orders.

Delivery: $10 (free for orders above $40)

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The Daily Scoop


If you are one that loves a wide range of selections to choose from, then The Daily Scoop will not disappoint. There are over 30 flavours to choose from, such as Cashew Caramel, Mao Shan Wang, Chendol, Kookie Monster and Utterly Avocado! No shame if you were (or are!) one who loves an extra scoop of guacamole on your breakfast plate. Orders must be placed three days in advance.

Delivery: $5 (free for orders above $50)

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When it comes to the king of the fruit, the durian, Singaporeans get real serious about messing up their favourite fruit. Scoopz have not only pleased the fans with their Durian and Mao Shan Wang ice cream flavours, it has been a favourite among locals since they started in 1996! Now with other flavours like Cempedak, Mango, Milo and Chocolate Ganache, you may even order a scoop of ice cream for $3.90! For a limited time, you can get $10 off with the promo code ‘SCOOPZ10‘ for new orders!

Delivery: Free for orders above $48 (till end-May; subsequently min. order of $58)

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Old School Ice Cream


Whether you call it ‘Umbrella Ice Cream’ or ‘$1 Ice Cream’, Singaporean’s favourite old school, cheap neighbourhood ice cream can now be stored in your freezer, ready to be cut and eaten with wafer biscuit, colourful bread or just plain ice cream in a cup. There are a few shops selling the beloved ice cream online, so do check out these sites and #shoplocal!


1. Lao Chuan Tong Traditional Ice Cream

  • 12 flavours, including Yam, Durian, Mango and Thai Milk Tea
  • $8 per pack
  • Delivery: $4 (free with purchase of 3 blocks or more)
  • Only certain addresses
  • Order here


2. Traditional Old School Ice Cream

  • 12 flavours, including Peppermint Chocolate Chip and Raspberry Ripple
  • $8 per pack (biscuits $1/pkt; colourful bread $3/pkt)
  • Delivery: $4 (free with purchase of 3 blocks or more)
  • Order here


3. Chip Guan Heng

  • Block ice cream as well as other variety
  • $4 per pack
  • Delivery: $50 (free for orders above $80)
  • Order here


4. Uncle Lim Old School Ice Cream

  • Block ice cream and scoop ice cream tubs, flavours include Atap Seed, Tutti Fruity and Red Bean
  • $8 per pack (biscuit $1/pkt, rainbow bread $3/pkt)
  • Delivery: $4 (free with purchase of 3 blocks or more)
  • Order here or WhatsApp 88796167