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3 Best Hawker Stalls in Singapore


Wei Xiang Kitchen

Located in the ABC Brickworks Food Centre, which is just a short walk away from IKEA at Alexandra, it’s a rather unassuming tze char stall. But it’s also a tze char stall that does all their tze char staples extremely well. From Yang Zhou Fried Rice to Sambal Kangkong, they ace every dish. I know someone who swears by the stall because they’ve yet to serve her anything that’s short of awesome in the decade she’s spent eating there. The only reason she stopped is because she switched jobs, which meant lunch became a lot more lackluster.

Sin Ming Prata

In a hawker centre that’s neighbour to a number of hardware stalls and a tiny Canadian Pizza outlet that’s always dark inside when I pass by, sits Sin Ming Prata. Which is quite possibly the best prata stall in the whole damn country. See, some prata stalls produce prata so good you can eat it on its own. For Sin Ming Prata, their prata is often that good with a big plus: their mutton curry. Though I am the black sheep of my family due to my inability to consume anything spicy, I cannot resist trying to pair my prata with as much mutton curry I can stand whenever I’m at Sin Ming Prata. It’s rich, flavourful and dangerously good without being jelak.

Happy Chef Western Food

Near Lavender MRT at Block 465, there is a kopitiam where there’s usually a long, snaking queue for the Bak Chor Mee stall. But I usually visit for Happy Chef Western Food, which is the only Western food stall in Singapore I know that stuffs ham and cheese into their chicken cutlets, which are also gigantic. They also have all the Singapore Western staples and other fare not commonly available at such stalls, such as schnitzels. One of my favourite things to have there is their potato salad. The potatoes are carefully boiled until they are soft but not too soft, so they retain a slight crisp and they also throw in a good amount of herbs. It’s a satisfying, comforting and refreshing option if you just want a quick bite to bring back to the office!

The next time you happen to be in Lavender, Alexandra or Sin Ming, why not give one of these places a shot? Who knows, you might discover a new favourite hawker stall that day.