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3 Best Online Workshops For New Home Deco

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Let’s get crafty these rainy days! Make new home decorations in the comfort of your own home with these three best online workshops.

Minimize the travelling time and forget about figuring out how you are going to bring home your art piece. Everything can be done in your own living room. In fact, these classes offer kits that are sent to your house so you will not have to leave the house ever!

It is great for all of us stuck at home due to rain and being socially responsible. You can even gift your works as Christmas presents next month.


Watercolour Florals with The Workroom

This watercolour floral class with The Workroom is great for beginners to pick up watercolour painting as a hobby. The best thing is everything is available online! You can always pause the class and get back to it when you are free. No class booking is required unless you opt for the 1-on-1 consultation.

Upon signing up, you will receive a printable 17-page PDF and access to 10 instructional online videos for a single-person usage per purchase. The Basic package with Starter Kit cost $160 and will include a Fine Pentel Aquash Water Brush, a small palette and a mini 12 colours Pentel Watercolour round palette. Watercolour paper is not included.

Create your own floral watercolour painting to hang on your walls or make Christmas cards for your friends and family. Sign up for the online class here. Currently, you can get $30 off any online, virtual or open workshop for 2 pax with the code ‘BRINGAFRIEND’ (T&C applies).

Batik Painting with Kamal Arts
Source: Kamal Arts

Try a different medium and explore batik painting with Kamal Arts. Give your home a more local feel by hanging your own batik paintings on your walls. There are eleven designs for you to choose from and everything is super affordable. You only pay for the batik painting kit!

Each batik painting kit cost $12. It includes a pre-waxed cotton cloth with the design of your choosing (20cm x 20cm), a window frame cardholder for mounting display, a plastic palette, a set of dyes, and a brush.

You can refer to their free instructional video on their website while painting. This is an affordable family bonding activity to try out with kids or even friends that is great for a rainy day. Get the batik painting kit here.


Crepe Paper Flowers with Miss Petal And Bloom
Source: Misspetalandbloom

Forget plastic flowers or high maintenance real flowers! Try decorating with crepe paper flowers to brighten the room. Misspetalandbloom offers seven online crepe paper courses for different types of flowers. The sunflower course is currently free! All you have to do is get the Crepe Paper Flower Material set on the Etsy store for $35.

This kit for the mini sunflowers includes floral wires and 5 Italian 180gsm crepe paper in black, brown, yellow and green. You would need to get your own scissors, hot glue gun, wire cutter and wire glue for this craft project.

Why buy sunflowers when you can make your own! Enroll into the online sunflower course here.


Fill your home with colour this rainy season with these art and crafts online workshops! You will definitely save more money with these online classes. Have fun creating your own deco in the comfort of your own home.