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3 BTO-Friendly Christmas Trees To Save Space

Source: @organisedstore and @laurafcannon

A big Christmas tree may not be suited for a BTO flat. Space may be limited but there is always a way for you to bring out the jolly Christmas period in your living room!

Traditional Christmas celebrations will always include a tree with decoration and lights for the presents to rest under till Christmas morning. Here in Singapore, we may not have the space to follow every single tradition. However, that does not mean we have to abandon the Christmas tree.

Here are three Christmas tree ideas that will fit right in your BTO house!

House Plant Christmas Tree
Source: @laurafcannon

Instead of going out and buying a brand-new Christmas tree, why not use the house plant around your house? Hang ornaments and lights to make your Christmas tree lively and bright. You can place your house plant on the coffee table and store presents underneath the table so no one will trip on the presents!

Use battery-operated Christmas lights so you will not have to worry about hiding the wires. It would not be any different from those plastic miniature Christmas trees you find on sale.

Source: @hass_co_botanics

If you have house plants with weaker branches, create your own paper ornaments to decorate it! This could be a family bonding Christmas-themed activity and you could save money instead of buying a new Christmas tree. All you need is colourful craft paper, thread and a pair of scissors.


Christmas Tree Wall
Source: @organisedstore

While a house plant Christmas tree may be small, try hanging a wall Christmas tree for a bigger decoration. From afar, no one can even tell the difference between a wall tree and an actual tree. It would have the same effect but takes up much less space in your living room.

Grab green tinsel, Christmas lights and some clear wall hooks to hang the decorations up. The best part about this is you can control how big you want the tree to be.

Christmas Tree Shelf
Source: bookbub

Refashion your bookshelf into a Christmas tree by rearranging some books. Not only will this save you space but you can also store your presents on the bookshelf. Hassle-free and can be very useful too. Alternatively, you can also use a display cabinet. A few ornaments and Christmas lights and your bookshelf will have your living room looking festive.

Source: @sonjaschulz on Twitter

If you don’t have enough green books, flip the books around to create a snowman or a white Christmas tree. Hang green tinsel around the and Christmas lights to create the same effect as the wall Christmas tree. It is definitely a fun new way to redecorate your home this Christmas.


Having limited space is no longer a reason to not have a Christmas tree in your home. Whether your house is a BTO or not, you can space some space for your family to enjoy Christmas morning without having to squeeze. Try out these new Christmas trees today!