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3 Cheap And Free Food Apps in Singapore You Need

Source: Treatsure and Olio

Food waste is a global problem. Here in Singapore, there are three apps that you can use to reduce food waste and get a free meal out of it! Start your cheap and free food waste journey with these apps!

Most foods in supermarkets are held to a high standard. No blemishes or dents are allowed on fruits and even food packaging. In some places, they throw away these foods. Fortunately, some brands keep these ‘ugly’ food and sell them at a cheaper price.

You can find good deals on these foods on apps like Treatsure and even free food on Makan Rescue and Olio.


On Treatsure, there are three sections you can explore – eateries, groceries, and lifestyle. Each section caters to reducing food waste and sustainable living.

Before the Covid-19 safe distancing measures, the eateries section was dedicated to hotel buffets in Singapore that offers takeaway bento boxes to help reduce food wastage. This is where you can get cheap but high-quality hotel food for around $12 per box. Currently, on the app, you can find Cheeseburger from Grand Hyatt Singapore from 10am to 8pm.

Source: Screenshot from Treatsure

The grocery section has the best deals from Treatsure’s partners. Brands like Ugly Food, Atasco, and Confetti Snacks sell unattractive products and upcycle snacks for a lower price. You can find vegetable bundles and cheese slices at a discounted price.

Source: Screenshot from Treatsure

They even have Crust, an R&D food-tech company focused on upcycling food waste, that offers craft beers made from surplus bread ingredients.

Source: Screenshot from Treatsure
Makan Rescue

Makan Rescue allows you to find free buffets to help reduce food waste. Often times, caterers and event companies would have to resort to throwing away the excess food. Anyone with the app can swing by to help clear the food. You can even post a ‘mission’ that offers food to others on the app.

Source: Screenshot from Makan Rescue
Source: Screenshot from Makan Rescue

The app’s main focus is on local universities like NUS, NTU, and SMU where students can find the buffets but additionally, there is the other option that you can use to give away excess food from your family gatherings or dinner.


Olio is another app where you can find cheap food or groceries in Singapore. They even have a whole section dedicated to giving away free food. From canned food to sourdough starter, the app could be useful when your pocket feels a little tight. It is great for your wallet and the environment.

Source: Screenshot from Olio

Bear in mind that these apps are about reducing wastage so let’s not be kiasu about it. Instead, add missions and offer others your food wastage. Try not to over redeem things from the app.

You can help reduce food waste in Singapore and have a great meal from it. 2020 has been tough and many of us have been tightening our purse strings. With these apps, we can continue and enjoy great food at good prices. It really does not matter how the food looks or where it comes from as long as it tastes good in your tummy!

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