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3 Exciting Bike Routes To Explore In Singapore

Source: Ser Luck Teo

It is time to rediscover Singapore on your bike! Explore the road lesser traveled and fall in love with the local greenery. These exciting bike routes in Singapore will help you unwind after a busy day while getting your cardio on.

Whether it is for leisure or work, more people are cycling nowadays which makes the biking paths in urban areas a little crowded. Avoid pedestrians and working cyclists by going to nature parks! You can even travel to the far ends of Singapore.

Try out these bike routes with your friends and family today!


North Eastern Riverine Loop
Source: National Parks

Level: Beginner

The North Eastern Riverine Loop is a 26km trail that links four parks. This route is known to be one of the most scenic park connectors in Singapore. It runs through Buangkok, Sengkang, and Punggol and connects to Punggol Beach and Lorong Halus Wetland.


You can cover the whole route in about 2 hours. You can dismount every now and then to enjoy a wide range of birds and plant life. If you are lucky, you might even see a monitor lizard or otters along the canals and wetland!


Chestnut Nature Park
Source: National Parks Chestnut Park

Level: Advanced

If you have a mountain bike, cycle to Chestnut Nature Park to try out the Chestnut Bike Park. Seasoned mountain bikers can practice technical features like drop-offs and jumps. It includes four progressive skills lines and a skill area that is best enjoyed with a full-suspension mountain bike.

The park features two biking trails – Northern Biking Trail and Southern Biking Trail. Be sure to have your safety gear on! A helmet is required at all times at the bike park.

Do note that the Chestnut Pump Track will be closed for maintenance until further notice.


Lamp Post 1 Trail
Source: Ser Luck Teo

Level: Intermediate

For those who are more adventurous, try cycling to the famous Lamp Post 1. Currently, this lamp post is gaining popularity among cycling enthusiasts in Singapore. It is a must to take a picture with the lamp post when you reach it.

Source: Frances Sit on Plotaroute

The route covers 62km if you start at West Coast Park. The lamp post is located at the very edge of Singapore. Cycle to Tuas and enjoy the sea view. You can even catch a glimpse of Forest City in Malaysia. Do note that this is a challenging route so cycle within your own ability or simplify the route if you need to.


Have a little adventure on your bike around Singapore! There are so many things to see and explore in our little island.