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3 Hangouts Singaporeans Love That Got Cancelled By 2020

Credit: @maxchanimagery, @hoghtennek

2020 applied tremendous pressure on our favourite hangouts and for many, it ultimately proved to be too much. Some of the places we made good memories in fell victim to 2020 and never recovered. If you’re wondering where to go now that your stomping grounds are now history, this article is for you.


The Stärker Group once had 7 trendy, yet unpretentious restaurant bars that drew crowds of friends and co-workers alike to relax with ice cold German-style beers and hearty grub. From the CBD, to the heartlands in Jurong East, their outlets were known to feature live music, which bolstered their easy-going and lively vibes their patrons loved.

Credit: @starksingapore

Unfortunately, on 4 June, Stärker announced on their social media pages that they were bidding auf wiedersehen to all their former patrons.

Many Singaporeans are no doubt sad to see them go but it would be too soon to despair.

If it is unpretentious, authentic German vibes you seek, all is not lost.

We recommend making a reservation with Wilder Mann, a small and cosy restaurant bar which is located in the Northern part of Singapore, at 906M Upper Thomson Road.

Credit: @wanda9999

Though they may lack the live bands, they make it up for their authenticity.

Their beer is all straight from either Germany or Austria with prices as low as $8 per pint. Sip on easy-to-drink lagers, or dark and flavourful schwarzbiers, some of which are from historic brewhouses which go as far back as 1040.

Credit: @beatniklisa

The bar also mixes its own drinks, featuring intriguing names like the Mangorilla and the Screaming Orgasm. Carnivores will love the array of meats Wilder Mann has to offer, from its sausages to its Pork Knuckle, which is roasted for 2.5 hours with apples and onions for that crisp outside, tender inside texture.

Credit: @chinchaijiak

Not to mention the pork schnitzel, or breaded pork loin which comes either with just a slice of lemon, or a robust mushroom sauce or a mildly spicy Cajun cream sauce.


Credit: @z4ne_ng

Known for its unusual take on French pastries and for being a portal to a bygone era, when Living Rooms were called Drawing Rooms, Antoinette was the place to bring your date to if you wanted to impress them and try new things together.

This was especially true for its Penhas outlet, which was located in a beautifully preserved shophouse.

Credit: @z4ne_ng

After 9 years however, Antoinette announced that its last day of operation would be 30 June 2020. This heralded the end of both of their outlets, as well as its online store.

If you’ve been feeling blue since the news of Antoinette’s closure hit, why not consider Ciel Patisserie?

Credit: @jeewon23

Located at Block 124, Hougang Avenue 1, its location and décor is much humbler than that of Antoinette. Don’t let all that fool you though, as Ciel Patisserie is basically the definition of a hidden gem.

Credit: @cielpatisserie

With its flawless presentation and unforgettable taste, you’d soon forget you’re still in the Heartlands. And little wonder – one of its co-founders was trained in Le Cordon Bleu at Bangkok and Paris.

Credit: @cielpatisserie

From lemon meringue tarts, to strawberry shortcakes to cakes that look exactly like a Nike shoebox, let Ciel Patisserie surprise and delight you and your tastebuds.

Sum Yi Tai

Once upon a time in Singapore, the Cantopop clubbing scene was huge. With giants in the scene like Shanghai Dolly, Dragonfly and Club Sonar, it looked like the night would stay young for Cantopop clubs forever.

Credit: @foodvenchia

Rooftop bar Sum Yi Tai’s entry to the scene in 2015 was welcomed by crowds of adoring patrons, which the bar sustained throughout the years. They were beloved for their 80s Hong Kong movie aesthetic and their incredible bar food and drinks.

Even after the Cantopop club giants did their curtain calls, Sum Yi Tai kept going strong. After nearly 6 years, however, Sum Yi Tai announced their closure together with their sister bar, Mona Lounge, on 15 November.

Credit: @foodvenchia

Is the Cantopop club scene in Singapore dead?

For now, it’s hard to tell in these strange and uncertain times. If it’s pure 80s nostalgia you’re after though, there’s always NINETEEN80 Bar at #01-05, 21 Tanjong Pagar Road.

Fans of the Vapourwave aesthetic will love the pop retro set-up completed by neon lights and your favourite arcade machines from back in the day.

Credit: @leunah1

NINETEEN80 Bar has its share of fashionable craft beers, including the hit Vietnamese beers by brewhouse Heart of Darkness and Japanese brews by Hitachino and Suntory. It also has its share of quintessential bar food, such breaded seafood and chicken bites. Want to try something out of the ordinary?

Credit: @nineteen80bar

How about meatballs in cheese sauce to share or risotto croquettes with a tomato dip? There is also pizza, which is of course named after each of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Credit: gifer

This is perhaps the most challenging time of all for F&B establishments in Singapore. If you can, do consider giving your favourite places your full support while adhering to all the necessary Phase 3 rules, of course.

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