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3 Ways HDB Is Winning Hearts Over With Greener Homes


Nearly 80% of Singaporeans live in Housing & Development Board (HDB) flats. So it’s only natural to see HDB blocks everywhere. The unique housing concept is a Singaporean icon and is immediately recognisable. From Ang Mo Kio to Woodlands to Jurong East, these neighbourhoods have their unique colour schemes and features.

For example, Bishan’s flats always make me think about ice cream cones.

The ubiquitous HDB flat is undergoing some changes though, for instance, HDB is striving to make them much greener. And it’s not just for looks! Innovative and clever designs help to cool the flats down so you can spend less on your A/C unit every month and more on ice cream. Here are 3 ways HDB is making our homes greener.


Green Roofs

These specially designed trays are modular, which means they can be configured to fit any design and are also capable of storing rainwater while guarding against erosion at the same time.

A thermograph taken of the rooftop before and after the system is installed shows a remarkable 10 to 15° reduction in heat. So this Prefabricated Extensive Green Roof (PEG) Tray System is definitely not just for looks.

Another cool benefit of the added greenery is increased biodiversity, which means healthier local animal populations and more visits from birds and butterflies!

Here is a project HDB has completed:

Soon, the open-air carpark you see looking out of your window may be more grass than cold concrete.


Wall Agriculture

Much like the PEG Roof Trays System, the Verti.Gro retains water and is highly modular. The difference is in the name. It goes up!

Also like the PEG Roof Trays System, it is not just for aesthetic purposes. The wall of plants helps with shade, so you can walk anywhere without the sun getting in your eyes.

More greenery also means more biodiversity, for example, you may get more visits from flashy butterflies and hardworking bumblebees.


Neat Marshes

The Floating Wetlands System is the newest innovation yet by HDB for greening our everyday spaces. It is a robust, yet modular system inspired by honeycombs. Strong and buoyant, they can be joined to suit any design.

Currently, the only finished project is at Punggol Waterway but HDB says there is more to come!


Upcoming HDB Launches

Now that construction projects are picking up and our future homes are underway, it’s a good time to check out the upcoming sales launches from HDB! Applications are now open for the November 2020 and February 2021 launches, and we see a good range of selection from the ever-popular estates like Bishan and Bidadari to newer estates like Sembawang. So home-seekers looking for a forever home, head down to HDB’s website here to check out the full list!

What green spaces around your home do you like to visit? Are you looking forward to an even greener Singapore?