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5 Art Galleries You Need To Check Out If You’re Indie Material


National Gallery of Singapore or National Museum of Singapore will definitely come to mind when we think about contemporary art. However, there are still hidden gems yet to be discovered by the mainstream crowd. Here are 5 underrated art galleries in Singapore you’re probably sleeping on.

Coda Culture

Near the go-to indie cinema, The Projector, lies another gem on the fifth floor of Golden Mile Complex – Coda Culture. Founded by Singaporean Seelan Palay, whose identity doesn’t lie in his past as a school drop out or ex-convict but in the art he lives and breathes everyday. Solely through word of mouth, this gallery has built a community that is inclusive and a culture where local artists come together to bring their expressions to life. A number of visitors-turned-volunteers even help out in maintaining the operations of the place.

It is not too late to catch “Shoe Shufflers” which will be running till 3 October. Admission is free.


Situated at the heart of Bencoolen Street lies a non-profit visual house which has been running in its 17th year. Even the blur sotong will be able to spot a bright yellow chapel gallery as they walk past. Not just known for its photography and filmmaking workshops, Objectifs houses curated artworks and showcases of local photographers. Besides the insta-worthy chapel gallery, a lower gallery as well as courtyard are spaces used for exhibitions too.

Visit their latest exhibition, “Immaterial Bodies” which ends on 1 Nov 2020. Admission is free.

The Deck

If you’ve gone to Art Box before, you might or might not be intrigued by this art gallery which is housed within 19 shipping containers. Step into The Deck, a creative space for contemporary photography. Recently, “This Connect: Threading Worlds” garnered quite some media attention due to its theme of mental wellness and suicide prevention. Although the installation has recently ended, follow them on Instagram and Facebook for more content and updates on their show in December. The conversation should not stop!

The Deck is currently holding a fundraising project – “#SAVEDECK”, to rebuild its existing structure and claim permanence in the space it currently holds. If you would love to support their vision, do check out the link here for more information.

Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA)

For the arts scene to grow even more, we need to believe in the potential of our young blood. NAFA proudly showcases different bodies of works varying from fashion to the visual arts. The works are done by their students and alumni, displayed at spaces of the campus which are opened to the public.

Two exhibitions exploring the culture of Southeast Asia are ongoing at present. More details on “The Dream of Ayutthaya: NAFA’s academy-wide project” and “Exploring Southeast Asia” are found here.