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5 Asian Movies To Watch This Christmas Week

Source: Screenshot from Natalan, and Christmas on 24th July Avenue

Western Christmas movie tropes are usually the same. It is time for us to see what kind of movies Asians create about Christmas! Spend this festive week cozy up with a warm drink while enjoying these Asian movies!

Many of us do not celebrate Christmas like they do in western countries. It gets a little hard to relate to the movies. That is why we decided to make a list of Asian movies we can enjoy during Christmas.

Three of these movies are full-length films while the other two are short films. Even though these movies might not be about Christmas itself, it all takes place during the Christmas season. The movies are heartfelt dramas that will definitely warm your heart during this rainy season.


Christmas on 24th July Avenue
Source: Imdb

Christmas on 24th July Avenue is a Japanese Christmas-themed romantic comedy about an average office girl, Sayuri, who is reunited with her high school crush, Satoshi. Fueled by what she believes to be the romantic power of Christmas, Sayuri tries to reinvent herself and win the heart of the man of her dreams.

It is a fun film to watch and laugh at during these cold December nights. You will definitely fall in love with Sayuri and her antics!


Midnight Running
Source: Screenshot from Midnight Running

Midnight Running is a Hong Kong crime comedy that takes place on Christmas eve. It revolves around Paul, a cop who accidentally got stuck in the middle of a triad mix up. While trying to investigate a big illegal deal involving the triad, he meets Mar, a cute Japanese pickpocket who started the mess, and Peter, a nice bartender with barely passable Japanese. The trio finds themselves at odds with the triad over a list of names.

This movie is great if you are looking to watch a movie with a bit more action instead of the same old Christmas dramas. It is a fun and hilarious movie to watch with your family.


Christmas In August
Source: Screenshot from Christmas in August

Christmas in August is a Korean romantic drama that centers around Jung-Won, a photographer who owns a small corner store studio. He meets and eventually falls in love with Darim, a young meter maid who stumbles upon his studio to develop photos for her job. In the movie, Jung-Won hides his terminal illness while slowly preparing everyone around him before he goes.

Prepare some tissues because this movie gets emotional. This is the kind of movie you would watch alone at night just in case you need to cry your heart out.

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Source: Screenshot from Natalan

Natalan or December in Javanese is an Indonesian short film about a son’s promise to spend Christmas night with his mother in Yogyakarta. It is an emotional drama that would make you want to immediately call your mother and spend time with her. Make sure you standby some tissues!

Watch Natalan here!


Christmas With A Stranger
Source: Screenshot from Christmas With A Stranger

Christmas With A Stranger is a heartwarming short film that was made in Singapore. It is about two strangers who ended up having a deep conversation while waiting for the bus on Christmas eve. The film talks about disappointments and regaining hope after a long and hard year. This short film is perfect for those who need a pick-me-up after 2020.

Watch Christmas With A Stranger here!


Have an Asian Christmas movie marathon this week or during the upcoming long weekend! Discover what Asian cinema has to offer during Christmas with its wide range of genres.