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5 Cheap Boutique Hotels For A Quick Staycation

Source: Cube Family Boutique Capsule Hotel and Hotel Sohola

It is time to rediscover hidden gems in Singapore, starting with cheap but unique boutique hotel rooms! After two straight weekends of festive and New Year celebrations, unwind and relax with a staycation. You may only need to pay less than $100 per night for some of these rooms when you use your SingapoRediscover vouchers!

Hit up your close friends or family for a fun staycation together or you can just have a little personal time alone. Be sure to get pictures in these hotels for your Instagram!


Kam Leng Hotel
Source: Kam Leng Hotel

The mysterious Kam Leng Hotel was set up by an unknown man back in 1927, an era where most of our grandparents either didn’t exist yet or don’t remember. With an exterior that is reminiscent of old Singapore, you would be surprised at how modern yet nostalgic the rooms are.

Source: Kam Leng Hotel

The rooms are cozy and will make you feel as though you are transported back in time with the old vintage windows and industrial style lights hanging from the ceiling. You can even act as though you are a singer in the 50s touring Malaya back then!

Room price range: $75-$112


Hotel G
Source: Hotel G

If the hit tv-series Friends was a hotel room, the rooms in Hotel G would be it. From the headboard of the bed to the corkboard, the room will definitely remind you of the Central Perk café in Friends. This room is perfect for anyone who is obsessed with Friends.

Source: Hotel G

Located at Middle Road, you will be just 5 minutes away from getting delicious food from Bugis. If you do not feel like walking, head down to one of two in-house dining options that Hotel G offers – Ginett Restaurant and Wine Bar, and 25 Degrees Burger and Liquor Bar.

Room price range: $136 -$225


CUBE Family Boutique Hotel @ Chinatown
Source: Cube Family Boutique Capsule Hotel

Located near the heart of Chinatown, this capsule hotel is a must visit with your friends or family. CUBE Family Boutique Capsule Hotel is a great staycation hotel for exploring Chinatown and the different historical buildings. Additionally, it is a great option to hang out with your friends at a staycay!

Source: Cube Family Boutique Capsule Hotel

Staying at this capsule hotel is one way to trick yourself that you traveled this year. Binge-watch some anime while munching on some Japanese snacks and it is as if you have been transported to Japan for a night.

Price Range: $80 – $308


Hotel Re! @ Pearl’s Hill
Source: Hotel Re! @ Pearl’s Hill

Travel back in time to the 60s and 70s with Hotel Re! You will get a blast from the past the moment you enter your hotel room. With brightly coloured neon walls and chic furniture, you will definitely pull out your phones to take a picture before jumping on the beds.

Source: Hotel Re! @ Pearl’s Hill

You must check out their Themed Suite with Round Bed. It has James Bond-inspired motifs and a round bed that will have you feeling like either a rich pimp from the 70s or a James Bond Villain.

Price range: $78 – $252


Hotel Soloha
Source: Hotel Soloha

Are you a big fan of Mama Mia or do you love everything Greek? Hotel Soloha is the one for you! The moment you step into the hotel, you would be greeted with everything hip and trendy. However, the rooms will give you the chill relax vibes you can find in the Mediterranean seas.

Source: Hotel Soloha

Most of the rooms allow a lot of sunlight to enter which means your golden hour pictures will look so good. You don’t have to travel far to get a picture that makes you look as if you spent the weekend in Greece. Just head down to Keong Siak Road and spend a night at Hotel Soloha!

Price Range: $111-$211


Spend a night at these hotels and let your imagination run free. This is also a great time to explore the different unique options that hotels in Singapore have to offer!