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5 Christmas Superstitions Singaporeans May Not Know

Source: @mariahcarey and @joulutunnelma

We have all heard of odd superstitions that we do not understand. Christmas superstitions are not at all common in Singapore. In fact, Singaporeans hardly even follow regular superstitions.

The Christmas season is usually one of the best parts of the year. With 2020 being as crazy as it has been, we’re determined to avoid bad luck at any cost. If you feel the same, here are 5 odd Christmas superstitions you will not believe exists.

Fish Scales
Source: @tilapia_fish_scales

Fish is not a common dish in Singapore for Christmas dinner. In the Czech Republic, it is believed that putting fish scales under the plate or tablecloth could bring wealth and prosperity to a person. According to The Motley Fool, some Czechs even put fish scales in your wallets or pocket throughout the year so that they will never run out of money.

This is because the fish scales look like silver coins. If you want some wealth or earn even more money next year, save a few fish scales from dinner.

Apples on Christmas Eve
Source: @joulutunnelma

The normal Christmas eve snacks usually include cookies, eggnog, or gingerbread man. However, in China, people give each other apples for good luck. According to Asia Travel Writer, it is a big tradition in China that no one knows the true origin behind anymore.

A theory is the phrase ‘Christmas Eve’ is a homophone, words that are pronounced the same, to apple in Chinese. ‘Christmas Eve’ in Chinese translates to ping’an ye (平安夜) which quite literally translates to ‘Peaceful Night or Silent Night’. On the other hand, the Chinese pronunciation for apple is pingguo (苹果).

The Chinese believe that homophones bring good luck so you should grab a couple of apples for Christmas this year.

Christmas Carol
Source: @mariahcarey

Mariah Carey might want to take notes. Singing or even listening to Christmas carols before the festive season might be the reason you are unlucky. It does not really make much sense but apparently, there are studies to back this one up.

The Mirror explains that listening to too many Christmas songs might actually affect our mental health. The psychological impact of listening to too much Christmas song is known as the ‘mere exposure effect.’ It could make you lose focus and even ruin Christmas for some of us.

It is hard to listen to Christmas songs without singing it but if you need the extra luck, consider listening to another genre for now.

Burning Shoes
Source: @sean_decory

In Greece, it is believed that burning old shoes during Christmas will prevent misfortune for the coming year. It is one of the few precautions for the Greeks to keep the Killantzaroi away. The Killantzaroi is a half-animal, half-human monsters that will wreck-havoc in a household that does not prepare for it.

Old shoes are burned because of the strong smell but it could also signify that you probably need new shoes for the new year. What is the cost of a pair of old shoes compared to a new year of good luck?

Please note that we do not advocate arson in any way!

Take Down Your Decorations
Source: @rebeccarobeson

Christmas decorations have a way to brighten your house, making it more festive and fun. However, it is considered bad luck to leave your decorations up after 5 January or the Twelfth Night.

According to the Sun, the 12th day of Christmas is called Epiphany which marks the end of the Christmas season. It celebrates the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist and the visit from the three wise men.

It is not an odd superstition, just a religiously respectful practice that we should follow. At the same time, you would be able to get rid of all the dust accumulating on the decorations. Your immune system would thank you for it.


While these superstitions may be a little bit odd, it is not that crazy or hard to follow. Burning old shoes and walking around with fish scales may be much but you can definitely eat apples and take down decorations in time. Rake in a little more luck this Christmas with these superstitions so that maybe 2021 would be a lot better.