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5 Dishes You Can Find In Singapore That Are Downright Bizarre


We’ve known all along that Singapore is famous for the wide variety of food from different cultures and cuisines. But do you know that our country is also home to some truly amazing and bizarre food items at the same time? From fish sperm to deer penis, here are some mind-boggling dishes most of you have never heard of in Singapore.


Milt (Fish Sperm)


It looks like an unimposing bowl of udon drenched with dark sauce, but look again. This little dish hails from the land of fresh seafood, Japan, and is actually made up of little strands of sperm sacs. Despite the imagery that appear, word on the street is that they are actually pretty tasty! In Japan, these creamy blobs of future fish babies are eaten cooked or raw, though many have said it is definitely an acquired taste.

If you’re looking to expand your palate with fish sperm, head down to Hokkai Villa and try their Cod Milt with Ponzu, Fish Roe & Scallions ($35).

Hokkai Villa
Address: 33-35 Pekin St, Hokkai Villa, Singapore 048763


Dragon Claw


We all know that there is a crocodile farm in Singapore, but somehow eating these reptiles have never occurred to us. Honestly, did we think that they were rearing them as pets? As wild as it may seem, crocodile meat has been consumed in Singapore since the olden days. Peddled as a luxurious meat, it is said that eating this does wonders to improve lung health and combat disorders such as asthma.

True or not, this dish has definitely caught our eyes for its game-iness. The Dragon Chamber is a hidden restaurant tucked behind a kopitiam fridge in Clarke Quay, and they serve up a mean dish of crocodile paws. Their Dragon Claw ($55) is a braised dish which serves 2. If you’re game enough, look out for their D*** Soup ($30) – no prizes for guessing which part of a crocodile the main ingredient comes from.

The Dragon Chamber
Address: 2 Circular Rd, Singapore 049358


Fried Fallopian Tubes


One may mistake this for a platter of pig intestines, but they are actually pig fallopian tubes! As they say, you are what you eat; so eating fallopian tubes is said to enhance a woman’s fertility by boosting the function of her fallopian tubes. I’ll probably stick to Kegel exercises…

But if you’re curious, you can actually get a plate of Fried Fallopian Tubes ($10) in Singapore. We heard that the taste is entirely flavoured by the accompanying gravy, so nubbad, because the gravy is deliiiiish.

Old Mother Traditional Herbal Soup
Address: Blk 59 New Upper Changi Road, Singapore 461059
Contact: 6841 8789


Kangaroo Meat


If you told me that this is a plate of normal hamburg sliders, I would be none the wiser. But read the menu carefully because you’ll be served with kangaroo meat instead. Don’t freak yet – while these marsupials may look cute with their little in-build bassinets, it is actually common to find kangaroo meat on menus down under.

Hop down to Boomerang Bistro & Bar to try their Kangaroo Slider ($25) if you want a taste of this exotic dish.

Boomerang Bistro & Bar
Address: 60 Robertson Quay, #01-15 The Quayside, Singapore 238252


Deer Penis Soup


Yes, this is deer penis soup. And it’s said to help improve male vitality. While it is nothing shocking considering the type of ingredients used in Chinese herbal recipes, it is still weird to see this in conservative Singapore.

So guys looking to improve this aspect of their health, check out the Lu Bian (Deer Penis) Soup ($35). Dried seahorse on the side.

Imperial Herbal Restaurant
Address: 382 Havelock Road, Singapore 169629

So there you have it! Do you want to try any of these?