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5 Easy Ways To Celebrate Earth Day If You Missed It (Lazy Singaporean Edition!)

Credit: India Today | The Conversation

Earth Day 2021 fell on 22 April Thursday, and all over the world, people lit candles and dimmed their lights to pay respects to Mother Earth. Instagram feeds were flooded with status updates about people turning off their air conditioning for the night or recycling their food waste, not to mention the overwhelming number of handy tips and tricks from environment gurus on how to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Well, if you’re like the majority of Singaporeans, then you probably find it a hassle to keep up with the intricacies of Earth Day. Let’s face it; you probably slept with your air conditioner on full blast too! If you’re guilty of the above, have no fear. Here are our five easy ways to celebrate Earth Day 2021 for the lazy Singaporean.


1. Turn Off Your Air Conditioning For The Night

Celebrating Earth Day doesn’t have to entail an over-the-top display of love for Mother Earth. Something as simple as opting to use your electric fan for the night in place of your beloved air conditioning will suffice!

Credit: Howard Air

While nothing beats coming home to a refreshingly cool room, air conditioners consume a considerable amount of electricity and are significantly less eco-friendly than a standing fan. This Earth Day, opt for your humble standing fan instead, and reduce your electricity usage! You’ll still keep cool and comfortable, and you’ll find that your wallet feels much lighter too!


2. Save Those Scraps

When faced with countless options in our favourite supermarkets, we often catch ourselves severely over-buying. We see ourselves dumping out produce that has gone too long in the fridge and has become either mouldy or blemished. The result? Tons of excess food waste generated across the nation.

Credit: BBC

For blemished or bruised produce, simply remove the parts that are not edible and save the rest as it is still good to use. Instead of throwing away produce scraps, consider keeping them in an airtight ziplock bag or container in the fridge. When boiled with water and a pinch of salt, these scraps can become rich and flavorful homemade vegetable broth! Use it in any soup or stew, and wow your guests with your superb zero-waste skills.


3. Knowing How To Recycle

Yes, you read that right. One of the best and easiest ways to celebrate Earth Day is to learn how to recycle the right way. Because recycling is about giving your old, used materials and products a new lease of life, we must discard our items in a state suitable for recycling!

Credit: The Conversation

Make sure all used plastic drink bottles and aluminium cans have been washed and cleaned thoroughly before dropping them into the respective recycling bins. When recycling paper, take extra care to keep the scraps dry and free of moisture to prevent contamination within the recycling bin. While laborious, these additional steps contribute to making sure the waste can be recycled properly!


4. Cut Down Your Shower Time

We all know that one person who takes way too long to take a shower every day. They hog the bathroom, blasting man yao without shame for hours before finally emerging wrinkled and pruned in a cloud of steam. While we all love the occasional long soak and shower karaoke sessions, let’s make an effort to cut down our shower time this Earth Day!

Credit: Verywell Health

To cut down water wastage this Earth Day, opt for showers no longer than 10 minutes! That’s more than enough time to belt a song or two while you wash away the dirt and grime of the day. Leave the long tub soaks for special occasions like staycations and do your part to cut down unnecessary water usage!


5. Support Conservation Efforts

With more emphasis placed on sustainability practices in Singapore, there is no shortage of organisations doing their part to spread the message of going green. If you’re keen on celebrating Earth Day, consider volunteering your time or supporting local businesses investing in sustainable living!

Credit: Tallypress

If you need a dose of Vitamin D, volunteer for beach clean-up workshops with the Ocean Purpose Project and learn all about ocean conservation. If you love reading, hit up Thryft, and bring home your favourite second-hand publications to enjoy! Fashionistas must visit The Fashion Pulpit for a fantastic selection of pre-loved clothes, shoes and accessories. Choose second-hand where you can, and contribute to making Singapore a greener, more sustainable place for all!


A Dummy’s Guide To Saving The Earth

Wanting to do your part for Earth Day doesn’t always entail green smoothies and kale salads. It’s about taking baby steps to make small, meaningful changes to your lifestyle. Be it taking shorter showers or using rice water to water our plants, these small lifestyle changes help build better future habits. So if you missed Earth Day 2021, no judgement here! Check out our list of easy ways to show your love for the Earth now!