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5 Senior Animals You Can Adopt Today


It’s easy for baby floofs like kittens and puppies to be adopted but don’t forget that senior pets also need your love and support! If you are considering adopting a pet and don’t mind one that is slower-paced, who may sometimes need their own space, then you may want to look into older pets.

After all, there’s a good chance that if they are a former house pet, that they are already house-trained and know basic commands.


Gong Gong


Gong Gong is a son of Jurong Island and at 10 years old, is just learning to walk on a leash. Sometimes, Gong Gong likes to bark into space. Gong Gong is HDB approved and is available for adoption from SOSD Singapore. Click to find out more about Gong Gong.




Dodi is an 11 year old boy who loves outings and is calm during car rides. He prefers ice-breakers in the form of treats and will gladly warm up to anybody who can give him some. Dodi is not yet sterilized but is HDB approved. Dodi is available for adoption from Oasis Second Chance Animal Shelter. Click here to find out more about Dodi.


Xiao Hei


Despite being 11 years old, Xiao Hei has not slowed down. When around familiar people, he acts just like a puppy! Xiao Hei came to Action For Singapore Dogs when his leg was injured by a wild boar trap along Brickland Road. Xiao Hei is not HDB approved. Click here to find out more about Xiao Hei.




Siam was a street cat who lived in Bishan. She is about 9 years old and has suffered a history of trauma and abuse. After being found starving and dehydrated by a cat feeder in the area, she has been nursed back to health by her fosterer, Felicia. Siam has been sterilized and is litter trained and chipped. Siam is currently waiting adoption at Causes For Animals. Click here to find out more about Siam.




Beatrice is a Jurong Island girl who is very tolerant and patient of people. She is about 8 years old and is HDB approved! Since she has chronic kidney disease, potential adopters should consider this as she needs daily subcutaneous fluid injections and a vet prescribed diet to manage her condition. Beatrice will benefit greatly from a low-stress environment where a family can give her lots of love and patience. You can find out more about Beatrice at SOSD’s page on her.

Have you ever cared for a senior pet? Would you consider adopting one?