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5 SG Street Photographers You Need To Follow On Instagram

Credit: @dy_travelogue, @jasongohce

Are you always on the lookout for places to go on the weekends? Maybe what you really need is a whole new way to see Singapore. That’s what these photographers, who are based in Singapore, have mastered. Never let it be said again that Singapore looks the same everywhere, or that Singapore is boring!


There is something about her photographs that make Singapore look almost magical. They immediately create a disconnect between our sense of our Singapore and hers.

Credit: @dy_travelogue

It’s almost as if they are a window to a parallel universe like Westworld’s Singapore, where the whole of Singapore is ruled by a benevolent Artificial Intelligence programme.

Credit: @dy_travelogue

It makes you ask yourself, “Wait, I live here… ?!”

Then there are those out-of-nowhere shots that look like they belong on the front cover of a story book.

Credit: @dy_travelogue

See @dy_travelogue’s Instagram page here.


You won’t find skyscrapers in Nguan’s photography, though you will find plenty of Housing Development Board (HDB) flats.

Credit: @_nguan_

There’s a sense of time having come to a stop when you look at Nguan’s photographs, whether they are of cats roaming an emptied-out housing estate or a simple HDB corridor.

Credit: @_nguan_

It makes you want to slow down and be in the present, instead of merely focusing on getting from Point A to Point B.

Credit: @_nguan_

See @_nguan_’s Instagram page here.


Sometimes, you come across a photographer who captures a story with each picture. Although most of his photographs are in monochrome, they are no less compelling.

Credit: @citizen.kano

One gets a sense when looking at @citizen.kano’s photos that he always has his camera on him because he wants to be ready when something happens.

According to @citizen.kano, this old man is burning old photographs before moving house.

Credit: @citizen.kano

He had spent decades living in the same house with his family, only to be forced to move due to unforeseen circumstances.

See @citizen.kano’s Instagram page here.


@jasongohce is another guy who is constantly on the lookout for the right moment.

Credit: @jasongohce

Look at this picture, for instance, taken at exactly the right time a buff guy walks toward a sign featuring a cartoon coffee cup flexing its giant biceps.

Credit: @jasongohce

Sometimes, he even manages to catch street artists like Yip Yew Chong painting a mural.

See @jasongohce’s Instagram page here.


Next up on the list is a French photographer currently based in Singapore.

Credit: @nothing.but.singapore

His superb composition distills the essence of Singapore into little minimalist setups.

Credit: @nothing.but.singapore

Those who are from outside this island may see a pleasing composition and patterns but Singaporeans will see home.

Credit: @nothing.but.singapore

Whether it’s those red chairs you typically see in a Singaporean kopitiam or that orange telephone which is probably destined for a museum, @nothing.but.singapore knows this island just as well as a born and bred Singaporean.

See @nothing.but.singapore’s Instagram page here.

Time For New Toys

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Credit: @sammy_graphy

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Credit: @citizen.kano

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