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5 Singaporean-Made Instagram Filters You Did Not Know About



Source: Instagram filters from and @benmatchap

Singaporeans have taken up creating Instagram Augmented Reality (AR) filters since the past Circuit Breaker to not only express ourselves but talk about what is going on in this little island of ours. Many have used some of these Instagram filters without even knowing that it was created by Singaporeans.

Instagram AR filters are slowly becoming a norm in our everyday interactions on social media. It can visually communicate a person’s mood and thoughts, sometimes without the person even saying a word.

In fact, some AR filters are slowly becoming memes. Silly filters can brighten a person’s day and keep you entertained. Humor yourself while working from home or even in the office with these filters!


Zoom by @hyde.lee

Source: @hyde.lee

Are you tired of Zoom meetings every single day? Join in this disco-theme zoom call with these cute and wholesome animals! @hyde.lee features two other filters that you can check out. This is what the younger generation nowadays would call a mood. No stress, just vibes.

Click here to try on the filter!

Instagram account: @hyde.lee


Potato Head by @kittybriee

Source: @kittybriee

Working from home got you feeling like a potato head? Slap on this Instagram filter by @kittybriee. It will surely lift up your mood for the day. Additionally, @kittybriee has two other filters you can check out. An Among Us filter that is literally to die for and a Pickle Rick filter from the animated series, Rick and Morty.

Click here to try on the filter!

Instagram account: @kittybriee


Yummy Bears c: by @benmatchap

Source: @benmatchap

Add some colour to your day with this cute, yummy bear filter. This filter is perfect to celebrate your long work week with your friends. @benmatchap has 26 Instagram filters up on his account. From super cute colour changing filters to a spider beauty filter you should definitely check out his account.

Click here to try on the filter!

Instagram account: @benmatchap


Drawin5seconds by @chamnda

Source: @chmnda

Test out your nose drawing skills with this Instagram filter by @chmnda! The filter will give you an autogenerated theme to draw and you have exactly 5 seconds to sketch it out with your nose. @chmnda has over 40 Instagram filters you can try out on his account. His filters range from straight-up meme-worthy filters to fun interactive games.

Click here to try on the filter!

Instagram account: @chmnda


Warrior3030 and My Fellow Citizens by


Destroy the bad vibes during the week with’s Warrior 3030 filter. It may help alleviate any stress you have. has created many viral filters and you might even recognize some of them.


During Circuit Breaker, you would have seen the My Fellow Citizens filter appearing on your Instagram story. This filter definitely marks a significant moment of Covid-19. has created several Instagram filters that are quite relevant to the current topics in Singapore. In fact, his account currently has 30 filters that you can try out.

Click here to try on the Warrior3030 filter and here to try the My Fellow Citizen filter!

Instagram account:


Supporting local does not have to just be buying Singaporean-made merchandises but also using locally made content by Singaporeans for Singaporeans. Get to know your local AR filter creators and follow them on Instagram.

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