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5 Songs From Singaporean Bands In The 90s We Still Love

Credit: Force Vomit / The Oddfellows

Did you know that the frontman for Humpback Oak would also go on to do the lead vocals for The Observatory? Also, did you know that The Boredphucks performed Bootiful Day for Talkingcock: The Movie? If you knew all that, then you likely know some or all of these songs on the list. Listen and enjoy!

Song About Caroline – The Oddfellows

Who knows what Caroline did to offend these guys but it’s clear that she is universally despised among The Oddfellows. One of Singapore’s pioneering indie bands, they later contributed music for Eric Khoo’s 12 Storeys.

Circling Square – Humpback Oak

There’s something terribly sad and addictive about this song. It’s like doing something again and again even though you know it’s futile. Like telling yourself not to listen to it because you know you’ll get stuck listening to it on repeat for the next one hour.

Bootiful Day – The Boredphucks

The masters of catchy but utterly inappropriate lyrics, The Boredphucks were the perfect choice for Talkingcock: The Movie. The same people behind Talkingcock would go on to make Singapore Dreaming, a movie that is much more serious in tone.

Radio Station – The Padres

The Padres consist of members from multiple bands, including The Oddfellows and Typewriter. They were also played on the BBC World Service by the late John Peel, which brought their music into the wider world. Fun Fact: Joe Ng of the The Padres starred in Eric Khoo’s Mee Pok Man.

Last Night I Say Goodbye – Force Vomit

Despite their name and the fact that every band member takes on the surname “Vomit”, these guys have a lot of heart. You’ll hear it when you listen to the haunting opening of this song. Force Vomit’s music video for their song, Siti, is a must watch if you intend to continue on your journey with nostalgia.

We hope you enjoyed your little trip down nostalgia lane with us. Leave a comment on our Facebook page and let us know what are your favourite Singaporean tunes from the 90s!