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5 Special Christmas Treats To Wow Friends And Family With

Credit: Fullerton Hotel, redbusphotography

Looking forward to that Christmas party with your friends and family but not loving the planning? We are here to help! Here are 5 scrumptious festive treats sure to impress your guests, no matter who they may be.

Ondeh Ondeh Yule Log Cake

Credit: Fullerton Hotel

Log Cakes are one of those Christmassy things that pop up everywhere from Four Leaves to Bengawan Solo once the festive season is here. But when was the last time you saw a log cake that wasn’t either chocolate or expresso flavoured? Enter Fullerton Hotel’s magnificent Ondeh Ondeh Yule Log Cake, covered in a soft blanket of shredded coconut. Bite into it and you’ll taste Gula Melaka mousse and coconut crème all wrapped in a layer of the finest chiffon cake. We’re sure your guests won’t forget this log cake in a hurry.

Price: $69.00 for 900g

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Gingerbread Tower

Credit: Pulse Patisserie

One of the most adorable Christmas treats of all time is the Gingerbread cookie. You’ll find variants of people-shaped cookies and cosy houses for sale when the malls start playing Christmas music. But have you ever seen a whole tower made of Gingerbread cookies? Pulse Patisserie has whipped up a 37 cm tall, 23 wide tower made entirely out of Gingerbread cookies and swirly meringue. To my knowledge, no one has attempted to make a Gingerbread HDB flat yet, so this is the closest we’ve gotten – for now.

Price: $78.80 for approximately 44 pieces

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Only eat people-shaped cookies? Check this out. It’s $75 for approximately 25 pieces. Vegan? We got you, fam.

Vegan Gingerbread Cookies

Credit: Bud of Joy

You know that friend, the one who only eats organic, gluten-free, vegan products? And how sad they look when you’re at a party together and they can’t eat anything there? Well, wipe that frown off their faces with Vegan Gingerbread Cookies from Bud of Joy. Each measuring 9cm tall and made only from all-natural ingredients, there’s no way they can refuse these cute little guys!

Price: $5 for one piece

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Kaya and Pineapple Log Cake

Credit: Raffles Hotel

Here’s another log cake with a local twist to add to your list. Raffles Hotel’s Kaya and Pineapple Log Cake looks so pretty it’s almost like a sculpture. Enjoy the melding of traditional French pastry secrets with uniquely Singaporean flavours as you bite into the creation of Raffles Hotel’s Executive Pastry Chef, Tai Chien Lin. There’s the juicy and spicy flavour of pineapple compote and the combined creaminess of kaya Chantilly and coconut dacquoise. Oh and, don’t forget the coconut crumble.

Price: $85 for 1kg

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Kopi-O Liqueur

Credit: Rachel The Rabbit Meadery

Are your friends blessed by a fully stocked fridge with a kitchen overflowing with Christmas sweets from friends and family? Then they need to sit down and have a drink. Time to introduce Rachel The Rabbit Meadery’s Kopi-O Liqueur to them. Featuring distilled rum blended with Kopi, it’s even filtered with the traditional kopi sock before being sweetened with black sugar. It’s the perfect bottle to share while having a sit-down, to contemplate life’s pleasures and mysteries with your close ones.

Price: $48 for 500ml

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Impossible Meat Wellington

Credit: Fullerton Hotel

This is the year plant-based proteins or veggie meat became so popular that Singaporeans queued for Impossible burgers. If you can’t get enough of the Impossible patty, the Fullerton Hotel has what you need. Imagine a giant puff pastry filled with Impossible meat marinated with wild mushroom sauce. And when I say giant, I mean an entire kilogram of the that good stuff.

Price: $139 for 1kg

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Credit: Studio Ghibli

Now that you have a clearer picture of what to serve during your Christmas party, we hope you’ll be able to savour that anticipation instead of feeling stressed out by it. Take care during this festive season and don’t forget that we’re still at Phase 2! According to government guidelines, this means no more than 5 visitors to each household.

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