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5 Types Of Gift Givers In Singapore

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The holidays are coming and with them comes the family gatherings. Of course, this year, things will be a bit different with only 5 visitors allowed per household as per government regulations. Still, there will be gifts and not all of them will be things you actually want. In this article, we introduce to you the 5 Types Of Gift Givers In Singapore and how to deal with their presents.

The Environmentalist

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Recycles Gifts. Usually from the older generation with a bomb shelter full of things they are keeping, in case they need it. The worst offenders give you products that were produced in the age of laserdiscs or even food products that are nearly at the sell-by date.

How to deal with them: Point them to Greensquare, where they can donate their unwanted clothing, rather than push them onto hapless relatives. For food products, maybe feign an allergy to whatever it is they’re offering.

Yes Aunty, I’m allergic to mini spring rolls, especially those deep fried before 2018.

The 4D Winner

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Buys you extravagant gifts but you hardly know them.

How to deal with them: Depends on how you feel about the gift. Like it? Thank them politely and keep it. Don’t fancy it? Keep it and exchange the gifts with your cousin.

Alternatively, if the items are shoes or bags, you can donate them to New2U Thrift Shop. The shop is run by the Singapore Women of Council’s Organisations and the items will go straight to the Star Shelter, which a temporary shelter for women and children.

The Well-Meaning But Clueless

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You only see each other during family gatherings, like Chinese New Year and when people get wedded or die. Despite that, as respectable older adults, they feel obliged to give you a gift. But because you don’t know each other that well, you may end up receiving something totally underwhelming.

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Like a Pikachu-themed pencil box that also turns into a car. Or a scented candle that smells like fried chicken.

How to deal with them: Give it away. One man’s trash is another’s treasure, after all.

Did you know that every second Sunday of the month, temporary eco points are set up by Tzu Chi for recycling? The Buddhist organization encourages the community to come together to sort recyclables into their respective categories and curb unfettered consumerism.

The Passive Aggressive

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Everyone has favourites. It’s just a fact of life.

There are some relatives we get on better than others and then there are those that seem to have to dislike you for some reason.

They have a gift for transforming their presents into insults, by doing things like buying clothes two sizes too small or getting you something that’s both outrageously ugly and expensive. And getting upset when you never wear it.

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How to deal with them: Clearly, do not engage. Put your best poker face on and then pack the “gifts” away. Then think about an organization that can benefit from your unwanted gift. Check out Pass It On, which is a group that connects the public to Voluntary Welfare Organisations. They even have a wishlist up.

Basically Santa

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You actually look forward to seeing them at family gatherings. Though you may not talk that often, once you engage in conversation, it can easily stretch into a two hour, heart-to-heart chat. Growing up, you always looked to them for support when your parents were not that for you.

So it’s no surprise that they give the best gifts!

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How to deal with them: Surprise them by giving them something of your own! Perhaps something handmade or a gift voucher to an experience that you know they will love. For example, what about a gift card from The Nail Social? Get your favourite aunt a complimentary manicure and pedicure set. Or, you could gift your uncle a beer subscription package from The Hops Collective, starting from $33.99 per month.

We hope this article will better equip you for the awkward family gatherings ahead. If you liked this, follow our Facebook page here for more.