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6 Singaporeans You Didn’t Know Hold Guinness Records


We love to honour our firsts and number ones, especially when it plays out on an international stage. Remember the bus-touring parade when Joseph Schooling scored an Olympic gold? In terms of setting world records, Singaporeans are not far behind. Here’s a list of amusing and interesting records held by some of these people that will make you feel #sgproud.


The Largest Gathering Of People Dressed As Ghosts


Why would anyone do that? And 263 people for that matter? Well, this record (which hasn’t been broken) was set in 2016 as part of a movie red carpet event at the Marina Bay Sands to welcome Melissa McCarthy and director Paul Feig of ‘Ghostbusters’. All donned in white onesies with a ghost mask, thank god it wasn’t the Hungry Ghost month then.

Here’s a fun fact: I was one of the 263 people in that suit. Biggest. Brag. Ever.


Most People Tying Their Shoes


We are not laughing, you are! No, it is important to tie one’s shoelaces because you may trip and perhaps die? So, 467 people tied their shoelaces in unison on 12 October 2018 by the PAP Community Foundation at Buona Vista Community Club. On the website it states ‘The record was attempted as a fun charity event to bring the community together.’ Right, time to teach the kids the real reason of tying their shoelaces properly.


The Longest Satay


Singaporeans do love our satay, so much that it made it as a world record for the longest satay measuring 140.02 m – approximately the length of nearly 12 buses – on 21 July 2007. It took place at Lau Pa Sat with 150kg of chicken, grilled over charcoal fire by 150 staff. That’s a lot of satay that could feed my family for months.


Longest Duration Spinning A Fidget Spinner On One Finger


Who knew that the toy craze a few years back could actually earn someone the eternal glory of having his name on the Guinness World Records? Well, Mr. William Lee attempted and achieved this in May last year with a timing of 25 minutes and 43 seconds. That’s nearly half an hour, almost the duration of an episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S!


Most People Playing Monopoly (Single Venue)


On World Monopoly Day on 19 March 2016, 605 participants sat down at Universal Studios Singapore to break the Guinness World Records title for the Most People Playing Monopoly (Single Venue). It was to celebrate the 81st birthday of Mr. Monopoly (yes, that black hat uncle has a name) where families and social groups got together to play the board game at the same time.


Fastest Time To Solve A Rubik’s Cube Whilst Juggling


Erm, how? Here we are trying to find the cheat sheet to solve the Rubik’s cube in order to show off to our friends, but this guy, Mr. Daryl Tan not only managed to solve it in 17.16 seconds in one hand, he did it while juggling with the other! That’s the kind of multitasking skill HR bosses are looking for. He set the record on 9 March 2020.

If you had the change to set or break a world record, what will your Guinness World Record be?