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7 Gen Z Slangs Singaporean Boomers Need To Know

Source: 8 days and Singapore University Of Social Science

Yeet was so 2019. If you are not on TikTok, the center of all things Gen Z, you may not understand half of the things that the younger generation is talking about. It’s time to stop being such a Boomer and learn these new slangs!

Christmas time is the season of gatherings with Christmas dinners and parties just around the corner. Picking up new words and phrases can be a way to connect with your younger cousins or coworkers. These new expressions can sound a bit odd to those outside of Gen Z. However, it is always fun to try and you will definitely get a few laughs out of it.

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Please note that the Zoomers can detect if you have no idea what you are saying. Use these terms wisely.


Source: AOC Twitch

Definition: Use to describe a person or even an object that looks or is acting suspiciously.

Play the popular Among Us game and you will see this thrown around in emergency meetings. It is basically a short form of the word suspicious.


“Vincent keeps asking what kind of books I like to read. He sus. I think he is my Secret Santa.”


Source: FOX Teen Choice Awards

Definition: A moment in time or funny looking picture that resonates with them.

Often, you will hear them say, “vibes.” This means they genuinely like the atmosphere of the place. It can also be used to break any long awkward silence during a conversation. Other times, they could just point at a frog sitting in a cup and say, “such a vibe.” The word can be used in many different contexts.


*A long moment of silence while chilling with their friends*

“Just vibes.”

*Everyone nods in agreement*


@qu33nlyshjoke, i dont simp (maybe)♬ original sound – Sam

Definition: A person who desperately tries to date one particular person or is deeply infatuated by them.

Kids are no longer saying someone is their crush or eye-candy. Instead, they will say that they are ‘simping’ for someone. The word ‘simp has a negative connotation to it as it is usually used to make fun of others who go out of their way to please the person they like. Most of the time, the feelings are not reciprocated.


“Ryan bought a Christmas present for the girl who did not reply his message. He is such a simp.”


“Did you see how hot Chris Evans looks in his new Instagram post? I’m simping!”


No Cap
Source: Paulana Lamonier

Definition: A phrase to indicate that a person is telling the truth.

The phrase ‘no cap’ originated from a song by Young Thug and Future that was released in 2017. It is usually used after a sentence that may sound unreal. Alternatively, ‘cap’ or ‘capping’ means a person is lying.


“I aced the test without studying last night. No cap.”


Hits Different
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Definition: Something so good that it is on another level.

You would hear the younger generation use this phrase to talk about their food or the song they are listening to. It is another way to describe how much they truly enjoy the item at a particular moment.


“Hot chocolate really be hitting different during Christmas.”


____ energy
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Definition: A phrase to describe the aura that the person is giving off.

This phrase usually starts with a noun or an adjective, and it could be something random. From clown to crackhead, Gen Z can always find a specific noun to best describe the person at any given time.


“Darren just fell asleep on the pavement.”



It’s the _____ for me!
@mr_clidenceHe got me pretty hard… Who do you think won? #forme #itstheforme #millennial #genz @jturd15♬ original sound – Mr. Clidence

Definition: A phrase used to playfully insult a friend.

If you are a sensitive person, run the moment you hear anyone say “It’s the-“. It will most definitely be followed by an insult. Most of the time the insults are harmless and will involve two close friends going back and forth while laughing at their own flaws. It is actually a healthy practice because it allows you to laugh at yourself and realize there’s nothing to be embarrassed about.


“It’s the being too cheap to buy a proper present for me!”

“It’s the waking up early but still being late for work for me!”


The words and phrases that Gen Z uses may seem a tad chaotic, but it is all in the spirit of good fun. Try out these slangs if you are feeling brave! It could be the start of you and them growing closer together.