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7 Must See Movies At SGIFF 2020

Credit: SGIFF

What better way to start off the festivities that comes with the year’s end than a movie marathon? The Singapore International Film Festival (SGIFF) is chugging along despite setbacks and scheduling nightmares due to the pandemic. Artistic Director of the SGIFF, Kuo Ming-Jung was determined to keep SGIFF going to support films and filmmakers. As a result, all 73 films from 49 countries will have at least one screening in cinemas. Here we present to you 5 made-in-Singapore movies and 2 movies from without Singapore.

Tiong Bahru Social Club (2020)

Dir. Tan Bee Thiam

Credit: Tiger Tiger Pictures

When Royston Tan released his movie, 881, in 2007, I watched it in the cinema with a couple of friends. It seemed to have come out from nowhere and it was the most delightful cinematic surprise I’ve experienced thus far from a Singaporean movie. Tiong Bahru Social Club reminds me a little of that experience. The movie’s protagonist is Ah Bee, an office drone who quits his job to join an enigmatic pilot programme about creating the happiest neighbourhood in Singapore. There’s historic neighbourhoods, cats, stubborn old ladies and cool aesthetics reminiscent of MTV’s good old days. Fun Fact: Munah Bagharib of YouTube fame is also in this movie.

Watch it In The Cinema:  

26 November 2020, Thursday, 7:00pm

Shaw Lido

26 November 2020, Thursday, 8:00pm

Shaw Lido

East Coast Park Lovers (2020)

Dir. Wee Li Lin

Credit: Wee Li Lin

No stranger to anyone who’s familiar with Singapore’s movie scene, director Wee Li Lin is perhaps best known for her 2007 movie, Gone Shopping. Her latest movie, East Coast Park Lovers, is about three couples who are at different stages in their respective relationships. Each of them call East Coast Park their special place but they otherwise differ greatly in their backgrounds and cultural beliefs. East siders will definitely want to see what cinematic magic Wee Li Lin has conjured with this 20 minute short.

Watch It In The Cinema:

3 December 2020, Thusday, 6:30pm

Bugis+ Filmgarde Hall 3


Flower, Shadow, Serenade (2020)

Dir. Goh Lin Yuan

Credit: Goh Lin Yuan

Flower Shadow Serenade is the director Goh Lin Yuan’s graduation project. It also won her the scholarship for best script within her faculty in the Victorian College of The Arts, in the University of Melbourne. The movie begins on the eve of the Hungry Ghost Festival in Singapore, where a grandmother’s spirit returns to her family. At only 11 minutes, it’s a powerful exploration into the themes of memory and loss.

Watch It In The Cinema:

1 December 2020, Tuesday, 6:30pm

Bugis+ Filmgarde Hall 3


Citizen Hustler (2020)

Dir. Tan Biyun

Credit: Tan Biyun

Anyone who’s familiar with the Rochor area will no doubt also know of the Sungei Road Market. In 2017, the market, also known as The Thieves Market, had to cease operations to make way for the Jalan Besar MRT Station. By then, it had been in operation since the 1930s. In this 100 minute documentary, director Tan Biyun explores the aftermath of the market’s closure and what it means for long-time street hawker Chan Fook Seng and his partner in Citizen Hustler.

Watch It In The Cinema:

05 December 2020, Saturday, 3:30pm

Oldham Theatre


The Smell Of Coffee (2020)

Dir. Nishok Nishok

Credit: Nishok Nishok

Small children often have very special relationships with their grandparents. I was one of those children and I remain devoted to my grandmother to this day. So it’s no surprise that the subject matter of the The Smell Of Coffee tugged at my heartstrings. Director Nishok Nishok’s movie is about the relationship between a boy and his grandmother and how it changes, after the passing of his grandfather. How do each of them process their grief and how do they help each other cope?

Watch It In The Cinema:

28 November 2020, Saturday, 1:30pm

Oldham Theatre

Keep Rolling (2020), Hong Kong

Dir. Man Lim Chung

Credit: Man Lim Chung

Fans of Hong Kong cinema will no doubt remember Ann Hui’s gigantic contributions, in the form of writing, producing and directing. Here, in Keep Rolling, the director of movies such as Song of the Exile (1990), Summer Snow (1995) and Visible Secret (2001) will have her body of works examined. Fun fact: Ann Hui co-directed blockbuster Swordsman (1990) and helped to produce for the equally popular Fong Sai-Yuk (1993).

Watch It In The Cinema:

29 November 2020, Sunday, 3:30pm

Filmgarde Bugis+ Hall 3

Milestone (2020), India

Dir. Ivan Ayr

Credit: Jabberwockee Talkies

For a sign of how well-regarded Milestone is, consider this: this movie premiered at the Venice Film Festival earlier this year. Centered on an aging trucker who is facing multiple uphill battles, including navigating through the harsh North Indian winter, it’s a stunning look at what happens when everything suddenly changes. Director Ivan Nyr says he made his protagonist a trucker because of its inherent contradiction, of being technically mobile but also confined within their own vehicle.

Watch It In The Cinema:

29 November 2020, Sunday, 6:30pm

Filmgarde Bugis+ Hall 3

02 December 2020, Wednesday, 6:30pm

Filmgarde Bugis+ Hall 7

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