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7 Of The Most Hysterical Cyberpunk 2077 Glitches So Far

Credit: CD Projekt Red

Cyberpunk 2020 finally came out.

The hype had been building since 2013, when CD Projekt Red first released a teaser trailer of the game. After being delayed 3 times in the same year and being in development for almost 8 years, the game finally rolled out to PC, Xbox One and PS4 on 10 December.

But alas, the fans faced another setback: a plethora of glitches.

We document 7 of the most hilarious ones we’ve seen so far.

Debug, Debug

Credit: u/chelinchan24

Uh-oh, that’s clearly a placeholder text.

Nice Driving There

Credit: u/ProSwegSnipar

He’s driving with his brain, which is interfacing with the car. Just kidding, it’s a bug.

T-Rex Arms

Credit: @ProZakk

Sometimes, your character goes into a trance and does this strange thing with their arms. It looks vaguely threatening?

A Glitch In The Matrix

Credit: u/DarkArtorias466

This tree is trying to tell you that you’re living in a simulation.

Sorry, Where Did Your Face Go?

Credit: @SkillUpYT

A terrifying glitch, perhaps caused by getting a bit too close and clipping into a NPC.

In 2077, Cars Can Fly

Credit: @CB173

We’re all expecting flying cars in the future and 2077 shows us it’s possible.

In 2077, People Can Also Fly

Credit: u/BarkleyMcSlammin

But they may not survive the drop. It just proves that in Cyberpunk 2077, you can die anytime and you won’t even know why or what caused it!

Finally, it would be remiss if we didn’t inform you that the genitals you have selected for your character are not safe within the confines of their clothing. Brings a whole new meaning to the term “wardrobe malfunction”, doesn’t it?

How To Make Your Game Run Smoothly

If your system doesn’t meet the minimum requirements for Cyberpunk 2077, there’s little you can do about it.

Credit: CD Projekt Red

But if it does and you’re good to go, here’s a checklist of things you can do to cut down on the issues you might run into while gaming.

Time to go to settings. Back off on chromatic aberration, motion blur and film grain. This will help things look smoother. You can do this on both PC and consoles.

Reduce your field of view. The default is set to 80 but you can afford to dial it back to 75 or 70. This will help your frame rate a little, making animations run better.

Update your drivers! Whether you’re using a Nvidia or AMD card, be sure to be on the latest drivers.

As video game reporter Jason Schreier found out, not updating to the latest drivers can cause some very strange issues, such as being inundated by little trees everywhere.

Credit: Twitter screenshot

Finally, if you’re dead set on playing Cyberpunk 2077, you might just want to hold off for a while. After all, the game’s first patch was released only a day after it was released. An all-encompassing patch, it addressed issues ranging from gameplay to quest-breaking bugs. It’s safe to say that more issues will crop up and future versions of Cyberpunk 2077 will be a lot more stable.

Cyberpunk 2020 is available on Steam, Xbox and Playstation.

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