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7 Singaporean IG Accounts To Follow For Ultimate Inspiration In Your Life


Vesak Day is the day Buddhists around the world celebrate the birthday of Buddha and his enlightenment. Many will do good deeds, take part in chanting and meditation, reflect on Buddhist teachings, bring offerings to the temple and share food with people. And even if you are not a Buddhist, you can benefit from some of his teachings such as the discipline to purify your minds from greed, hatred and ignorance, and indulge in inspirational acts for your own betterment.

To help you along the path to enlightenment, here are 7 Instagram accounts to follow to get a daily dash on inspiration:


1. Food porn



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They say food is fodder for the soul, and beautiful food is even more so. Meet Little Miss Bento (@littlemissbento), a food artist who shares her cute bento creations on her Instagram. If you a busy adult facing the stress of the world like everyone else, simply browsing through her feed is bound to calm you down.


2. Home sweet home



Up to 80% of Singaporeans reside in HDB flats. And these flats are known for their tight space and cookie-cutter layout, which makes interior design and making your home stand out a challenge. Home & Works (@homeandworks_sg) certainly provides great inspiration for us city-dwellers with his sleek lines and versatile designs suited for Singapore homes. With various look-books for different styles, you know where to go if you are looking to change up your interior decor.


3. Bring the style in



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A post shared by Andrea Chong (@dreachong)


Here’s a secret – girls dress up for no-one other then themselves. And sometimes the same old clothes begin to feel blah and we just need a little inspiration to make us feel good again. Introducing Andrea Chong (@dreachong), one of Singapore’s top social media influencers who frequently posts beautiful #OOTDs on her ‘gram. Her looks are clean and zen, while effecting a high-couture feel at the same time.


4. Geek-culture



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A post shared by TITAN GAMERS (@titangamersofficial)


There is a saying “work hard, but play harder”. Gamers can be an inspiration because to them failure doesn’t mean it’s over – you just try harder but with more experience. Titan Gamers (@titangamersofficial) is an Instagram account by celebrity influencer JianHao Tan to share everything under the sun about e-sports. While there are 2 camps to Team JianHao, we feel it is still pretty strong inspiro if you are passionate about gaming.


5. Fitspo manic



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A post shared by Joshua Tan 陈伟恩 (@joshuatwe13)


Long before the Kardashians, Singaporeans are already invested in a healthy lifestyle – Instagram only made it easier as we can now follow those people who look good, and will help us become the same. Ah Boys To Men actor Joshua Tan (@joshuatwe13) is one of these people, and dang he looks good. His account features useful resources such as home workouts and even couple workouts to strengthen the bond between you and your better half. Twice the sweat, tears and fun!


6. An eye for art



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I low-key feel that art leaves me petrified because I can’t draw or paint for nuts, but I love watching people create art. Therefore it is extremely therapeutic to see the creations by Mok Zijie, better known for his Instagram account artcrop (@artcrop) where he paints iconic Singapore buildings and heritage, among others. Now, there is nothing special about watercolour painting, you say. But his works are not only pretty – they are miniature and some of them are as small as a 50-cent coin!


7. The litte ‘uns



There is something about cute babies that make full grown adults weak in the knees. But how about two? Leia and Lauren (@leialauren) are a set of twins to Singaporean parents Amber and Peter, who are frequent travellers. At a young age, these twins have captured the hearts of many through their childlike innocence with a dash of quirky, adventure and fun. With the addition of their baby brother Luke, this Instagram account is packed with gurgly cooing and extreme cuteness.