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7 Thai Snacks You Can Now Buy From Golden Mile’s Thai Supermarket

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Heartbroken that you won’t get to spend your December holidays in Thailand this year? Maybe you can lessen your woes with treats from Golden Mile Complex’s brand new supermarket.

Here are 7 snacks we’d love to get our hands on from Thai Supermarket.

1. Chatramue Instant Thai Milk Tea

Credit: @daveltk

Think $3.80 is a bit steep for Thai Milk Tea? You can whip up your own Chatramue Thai Milk Tea at home at a fraction of the price. No queuing needed!

Price: $2.50 for 5 sachets

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2. MAMA Instant Noodles (Green Curry Flavour)

Credit: @bysnacking

Green Curry is one of the go-to dishes for many of us when we arrive at a Thai restaurant. Now you can bring it home with you and prepare it whenever you like without a hassle.

Price: $4.00 for 5 packets

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3. Lay’s Pizza Hut (Cheese Flavour)

Credit: @birdscream

Thailand’s snack flavours are regarded as next level for a reason. You can get minced pork salad Pringles, sweet basil Lay’s and now because of Pizza Hut and Lay’s collaboration, you can get Lay’s Pizza Hut Cheese.

Price: $4.40 (for 73g)

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4. Lay’s KFC Original

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Not to be outdone by Pizza Hut, KFC also collaborated with Lay’s to produce Lay’s that taste just like KFC’s Original chicken. Best wash that down with some refreshing iced milk tea.

Price: $2.90 (for 48g)

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5. TEAPOT Matcha Green Tea

Credit: @kelantan_grocer

Have you ever seen tea that comes out of a tube, like toothpaste? Now you have. Other flavours TEAPOT has conjured in their labs include mango, caramel and chocolate.

Price: $2.20 (for 180g)

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6. Pritip Cripsy Broccoli (Original)

Credit: @24yummy

If you’re sick of healthy snacks like snow pea crisps, you can always try Pritip’s Crispy Broccoli. Although the supermarket only launched on 27 November, Pritip’s Crispy Broccoli (Seaweed Flavour) is already sold out.

Price: $3.80

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7. 555 Snack Box

Credit: @thaisupermarketsg

Not sure what to go? Paralyzed by indecision? Why not get the ultimate snack pack, dubbed the 555 Snack Box by Thai Supermarket?

Filled with assortment of limited edition Thai snacks hand-picked by the staff, it’s basically a box of delicious surprises. It even comes with a map of Golden Mile Complex and an air ticket to Little Thailand, where you can redeem exclusive offers.

Click here to learn more about this ultimate snack box, including the story behind its name.

Credit: Thai Supermarket

Ordering from Thai Supermarket for the first time? Use code FREEDELIVERY to enjoy island-wide free delivery with a minimum spending of $25.

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