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7 Very Singaporean Christmas Tree Ornaments

Credit: hometoomuch, azgifts

The most wonderful time of the year is approaching. Supermarkets all over the country are playing Christmas tunes. Christmas decorations have begun popping up in malls around the island. The need to decorate for the festive season is so strong that even on virtual platforms like Animal Crossing, Singaporeans are prepping themselves. One seller on Shopee has already listed some DIY Christmas furniture sets for sale for $40.

Credit: tripsavvy

The Christmas Tree is of course, the epicenter of the festive season and it’s not uncommon for Singaporean families to put up a tree, even if they don’t happen to be Christian. One thing we can’t help but notice, however, is that the trees tend to look the same year after year. Even the tallest, most expensive trees that are usually situated in places like Orchard Road, just look like blinged-out versions of their humbler Daiso counterparts.

There’s something decidedly absent from all of those trees and that something is a bit of local flavour.

It doesn’t have to be this way, though. With a little preparation, you can have a Christmas Tree outfitted with baubles that is just about as Singaporean as it gets.

1.  Bubble Tea Ornament
Credit: thepetiteworkshop

Rain or shine, Singaporeans love queuing for bubble tea. If you are fueled by bubble tea, check out this ornament from The Petite Workshop, set up by Lily Wong. Milk Green Tea versions are also available.

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2.  Felt Curry Puff Ornament
Credit: najmetender

Love snacking on flaky, savoury curry puffs? Put some on your tree right now. Any tree would look better with this cheery curry puff beeming from its branches.

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3.  Cable Car Ornament
Credit: neoncooky

Remember when the cable cars going to Sentosa felt so… exciting and new? If you’re a Zoomer, the answer is probably not. But! Millennial generation and older Singaporeans will surely feel a pang of nostalgia upon looking this tiny replica of what a cable car to Sentosa looked like back then.

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4.  Xiao Long Bao Ornament
Credit: obscureceramics

Maybe it’s a rainy day and you want something warm and easy to eat. How about Xiao Long Baos? If you’re a fan, you might want to check out these fine porcelain baos which are perfect for decorating your tree.

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5.  Five Stones Ornament
Credit: Twardzik Ching x Naiise

These soft little cloth triangles filled with cotton were the stuff our mothers used to perfect their manual dexterity. Toss one in the air and catch another and then continue until you have all five in your hand. Sounds easier than it is!

These modern versions made by Twardzik Ching are bigger than the OG ones but they are also very colourful and perfect for tree décor.

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6.  Lantern Fish Ornament
Credit: hometoomuch

During the Mid-Autumn Festival, these hand-painted fish lanterns would emerge in the hands of clumsy children, who would inevitably drop them. These days, they are all powered by LEDs so nothing much would come of a fall. But in the past, this meant that the candle-powered lanterns would catch on fire and the parents would have to provide a back-up.

Let these little reminders of your childhood decorate your family Christmas tree!

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7.  Ice Popsicle Ornament
Credit: hometoomuch

Singapore stays hot all year round so it’s no surprise that this classic treat, while on the decline, has yet to die out. Ice popsicles are still very popular among school children but there used to be a time, when they were as popular as Brown Sugar Bubble Tea drinks.

Get your very own and add a new level of cool to your Christmas tree.

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We hope you have enjoyed reading this article as much as we have enjoyed looking at these little baubles! What is your favourite thing about Christmas and why? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook page and remember: sharing is caring.