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8 Other Things You Can Spend $110 On, Besides A Golden Minion


The Minion collectible toys were launched on 4 September at McDonald’s. A random minion would be given out with every Happy Meal purchased at McDonald’s. Among the many will be the coveted golden minion, which is still made of plastic like the rest but covered from head to toe in gold paint.

We wrote about McDonald’s latest Minion-related promotions at the start of the month, which you can read here.

Unsurprisingly, not everyone who orders a Happy Meal actually wants or needs the toys. Some people who have “won” golden minions from McDonald’s actually seem to think of their little plastic toys as nuggets of actual gold. And so, online marketplace Carousell began to be inundated with listings for golden minions.

Credit: screengrab from Carousell

While the average price is around $25 Singapore dollars, there are listings that go as high as $88 – $110 just for one golden minion. According to an AsiaOne article, there was also a listing for a whole set of golden minions for $300. At the time of writing though, I can’t find it anymore so someone must have forked over $300 for a whole bunch of plastic.

Credit: screengrab from Carousell

This curious fact led me to wonder what else one could get on Carousell with $110. Here’s 9 random things you can get on Carousell for the sum of $110, listed in no particular order.

1. Godzilla Pikachu Toy Figurine

Credit: screengrab from Carousell

For fans of both who only have space for one. A quick search online reveals that this toy is probably from Super Fun Thailand, as a similar one is listed on their Facebook page.

Credit: @SuperFunThai

2. A Full Set of Doraemon x McDonald’s plushies

Credit: screengrab from Carousell

What was given out with Happy Meals before the Minions? Doraemon plushies. Now you can get the whole set just for $110!

3. Minion Plushie

Credit: screengrab from Carousell

Although the size of the plushie is not listed, it looks pretty substantial. Definitely bigger than a little plastic toy in a capsule.

4. Empress Barbie Doll

Credit: screengrab from Carousell

Barbie has worn many outfits so this shouldn’t surprise anyone but it did surprise me. Also, is it me or does this seem kind of creepy looking? Maybe it’s the splayed arms, or the vacant expression or the fact that it’s a doll in a box…

5. Socialism And Reconstruction In Asia, by Lee Kuan Yew

Credit: screengrab from Carousell

According to the National Library Board, this book is available for borrowing, in case you don’t have a spare $110 lying around.

6. Skull of Cat

Credit: screengrab from Carousell

Who would have a cat skull lying around in their home? While this does look kind of cool, the position of the cat’s teeth has me a bit worried. That underbite kind of makes me think of feline internet superstar, Princess Monster Truck.

Credit: Reddit

7. Actual Bird’s Nest

Credit: screengrab from Carousell

If you’re out of Brands Bird’s Nest and you’ve got exams coming up, you’re in luck. Check out this huge pack of Bird’s Nest!

And last but definitely not least…

8. Halloween Horror Nights 2020 tickets!

Credit: screengrab from Carousell

Note that Carousell user nataro was careful not to state that these tickets are for 2020, since you know, Halloween Horror Nights are not a thing this year. Which leads us to wonder, what year are these for? How many tickets are in there?

Now that you’ve seen for Carousell has to offer for $110, what out of these 9 items are you most likely to get? Or would you rather spend $110 for a golden minion instead?