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8 Things To Know About Disney’s Raya And The Last Dragon

Credit: Disney

Although many Singaporeans recently became newly minted subscribers of Disney+, disappointment soon set in as they tried to watch Disney’s latest offering. It turns out that Raya And The Last Dragon is not part of the Disney+ package and subscribers here will have to pay an additional $38.98 to watch the movie.

Still, we get why so many fans are still so hyped over Raya And The Last Dragon.

Credit: Disney

After all, when was the last time you saw an animated movie, produced by one of the world’s leading production companies, feature Southeast Asia?

Here are 8 exciting facts about Raya And The Last Dragon!

1. Raya’s appearance and namesake may have been inspired by Thai actress and model, Urassaya “Yaya” Sperbund.

Here’s an illustration by Raya and The Last Dragon’s Head of Story, Fawn Veerasunthorn, of Yaya as Raya leading on a Tuk Tuk. (Tuk Tuk is the name of Raya’s pillbug familiar in the movie.)

Credit: @fawnv
Credit: @urassays

2. According to Twitter user @irinajela, who describes themselves as a school teacher in Thailand, the dragon Sisu looks less like a naga and more like a makara.

Meaning, less human-snake hybrid and more of a mammal-snake hybrid.

an example of a makara @irinajela provided.

3. Raya, the eponymous character, is voiced by actress Kelly Marie Tran. Speaking to Vanity Fair, Tran said that some of the tension between her character and Gemma Chan’s Namaari may be romantic in origin.

Credit: Disney

4. This claim is bolstered, some say, because of a scene of young Raya wearing what appears to be Korra’s outfit.

Yeah, Korra from The Legend of Korra fame.

Credit: Screengrab from Twitter

5. Sisu, who is voiced by Awkwafina, an actress and songwriter who started rapping at the age of 13.

Her interest in rapping eventually led her to making the music video for her song, My Vag, which was discovered by her employer at the time. She was fired.

6. Benja, Raya’s Dad, is voiced by Daniel Dae Kim, an actor with a truly incredible range.

From an ambitious lawyer at an international and interdimensional law firm in Angel, to a murderous albeit loyal family man and gangster, Johnny Gat, in the Saints Row video game series.

Credit: Disney, ABC

7. It’s worth noting that some who have seen Raya And The Last Dragon feel that the movie’s mishmash of Southeast Asian cultures end up representing nobody.

Of course, that is a completely valid way to feel too, if you don’t see yourself on the screen while everyone else is yelling, “Finally! Representation!”

Credit: Screengrab from Twitter

8. Last but not least, there’s the food.

After all, how can any movie that claims to feature Southeast Asia culture do without featuring lots and lots of food?

Could that be satay? | Credit: Disney

Here are some Thai dishes that the sharp-eyed (and no doubt ecstatic) @irinajela has noticed.

Credit: @irinajela

According to @irinajela, these foods are:

Tom Yum Nam Sai (Tom Yum Soup)

Gang Sapparod (Pineapple Curry)

Moo Sarong (Pork wrapped with noodles)

Look Choop (Dried or imitation fruit)

Tong Yod (Gold Egg Yolks Drops)

It’s no wonder why Disney made this food-centric poster too… | Credit: Disney

Are you willing to shell out nearly $40 to see the first Disney movie set in this part of the world? Or do you belong to the school of thought that’ll rather put it in your monthly HaiDiLao budget?