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8 Things We Love About Depression, SG’s Street Goth Brand

Credit: Depression / Sects Shop

Depression begun in 2006, as a T-shirt shop in Far East Plaza. Today, Depression has an online store and a physical store, called Sects Shop, located at #04-14 Orchard Gateway. Colours are rarely found in their catalogue, which is on par with the brand’s image. After all, the brand’s motto is “we are made from a dark place”.

Despite the brand’s gloomy offerings, there are many things to love about this local fashion powerhouse.

Here are 8 things we love about Depression, the fashion label.

Credit: Depression

It was started by a couple of guys who were fashion outsiders. Andrew Loh was a graphic designer, whereas Kenny Lim was a copywriter. They describe their entry to the fashion scene as an “accident”.

Credit: Lukai Takashi

The label’s clothes are all unisex because their belief is that there’s no need to designate something as either menswear or women’s clothing. Awesome!


They were invited to the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin in 2017. Thinking of high-flying goths in sleek supercars sipping German craft beer (probably Schwarzbier) makes me smile.


The founders of the brand met as colleagues in the advertising industry. Their reaction to the unrelenting pace and ruthless industry was dejection, earning them the nickname, “The Depressed Boys”.

Credit: Depression

Kenny Lim originally planned to go to LaSalle College of the Arts after finishing secondary school. He went to the National University of Singapore (NUS) instead due to his mother’s objections. As a former art student, this hit me right in the feels.


The brand’s less than sunny identity comes from wanting to be genuine, rather than wanting to be edgy. After all, life is not always 10/10 – and this applies whether you have depression or not.


The founders relied on word-of-mouth, or what we would call, organic growth in marketing terms, in the early days of their business.


They have now reached that stage where they are traveling the world to adopt brands at fashion shows, so they can sell them at Sects Shop.

Credit: Depression

For a couple of guys at the office who used to be known primarily for being down-in-the-dumps, they seem to be doing quite well. What do you think of Depression’s wares? Want to see more of their stuff? Click here to go to their site. Oh and be sure to follow us on Facebook for more of Singapore’s best local brands!