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9 Universal Tips To Bring Luck Into Your Home Even If You Don't Believe In Fengshui


Everyone wants a little luck in our life, even the non-superstitious lot. And the best place to sprinkle a little Lady Luck is in our home since we spend a good part of our lives in it. Whether you believe in fengshui or not, there’s no harm doing some minor rearrangements to your home in the name of luck. Even if all else fails, you can always fall back on the benefits of the placebo effect.

So without further ado, here are x ways to invite fortune into your home.


Red Door


The Chinese believe that the colour red represents auspicious happenings and fortune. If your door is south-facing, you’re in luck because, according to fengshui, adding red or orange to your door is said to make you a huat-er person! For north-facing doors you can go for blue or black, for west-facing doors gray or white and east-facing doors brown or green.


Soft Linens


While this may not be anchored in any sort of juju, some studies have shown that changing all linen in your home (such as sofas and mattresses) to soft fabrics can help promote a sense of calm and comfort – the perfect psyche for making more money and generating good luck!




This gentle animal seem to be everywhere in modern culture, especially in Asia. They symbolise strength, wisdom and intellgence. Just look at Dumbo! In India, they are also a token of good luck. Place a mini figurine of this impressive creature in your home to protect your family and bring in fortune.


Fresh Flowers


Fresh flowers will not only bring vibrancy into your home (therefore, happiness), but in fengshui these blooms also bring good fortune as well. Just don’t pick thorny varieties and fresh ones are the best!




Ladybirds have long been considered a symbol of luck in the Western world. So don’t be a hurry to chase this little insect away from your home when you spot it! Alternatively, you can also hang cute posters of ladybirds on your walls or place little figurines around your home like this one.


Circular Layouts


Have you noticed that we tend to place our living room furniture in a sort-of merry-go-round position? The coffee table is enveloped by the sofa and TV console, the dining table is ringed by chairs. This is a fengshui arrangement tip to help flow energy around the room.




Horseshoes as good luck charms originated from an Irish folklore of a blacksmith who made a burning horseshoe for the devil. There are 2 sayings on how to hang a horseshoe at home, though. Some contended that it should be hung upside down in a ‘U’ shape so that luck doesn’t run out; others argue that it should be the other way round so that luck will rain down on whoever walks under it. How about hanging 2 in both ways?


Clean Entrance


Cleanliness as a form of good luck is steeped in Japanese culture, partly due to Shinto and Buddhost practices. Start by removing clutter from entrances in your home such as the main door and bedrooms. Nobody likes walking into a pile of who-knows-what at the end of the day!


Chamomile Tea


Did you know that chamomile’s benefits extend further from simply tea-making? Many civilisations have used this lucky flower to promote good fortune – in Egyption mythology, this herb had been associated with the God of Sun. In Southern America, chamomile is considered to bring new love or good luck. Some gamblers also have the habit of washing their hands with chamomile tea to increase fortune!

There you have it. Do you agree with these ways to bring good luck into your home?