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A Cosy Place For Pastries, Books and Tarot Readings


Located in historic Chinatown, at 37 Mosque Street, The Moon has been charming Singaporeans and tourists alike since September 2018. A bookstore, café and event space all in one, it’s not hard to see the appeal of this very special place, with its beautiful, warm and inviting design. The Moon was created to be a cosy space for creators of all stripes to mingle, drink coffee and host events.

The aim to be build a community, a safe space where diversity and inclusivity is celebrated.

On its website, The Moon states that one of their missions is to draw attention to creators who are overlooked by mainstream Anglophone publishing, by shining a light on writers and artists of colour. One example is Mynah magazine, which describes itself as “an annual longform print magazine devoted to Singapore’s untold stories.” Started by School of The Arts graduate Ruby Thiagarajan in 2016, the magazine has since featured a range stories, from the origin of Singapore noodles to the intersection between gender, mental health and citizenship when it comes to National Service.

But did you know that The Moon has a resident tarot reader? Yes, that’s right. You can get tarot readings at The Moon!

Readings are done by a lady by the name of Elaine. They are held at the mezzanine of The Moon’s top floor. All readings come with a free pot of tea, all the more to soothe the soul.

What’s more, those familiar with Tarot can select their favoured deck, if available.

If you absolutely know what you want to get out of your session, you may opt for a quick 15 minute session at $25. If you need more time, a 30 minute session will set you back $50. The XL session at 45 minutes costs $75.

Are you now feeling curious and want to explore your mind via a reading but am unsure what to ask?

Elaine advises that “…it helps to shift the framing of your questions from “what will happen?”, to “what can I do?” She also adds that although there are a number of things that lie beyond our control, our actions are not one of them. So do a little thought exercise and think about something that’s been bogging you down. Can it be made better? What is it that can be done?

If you are feeling up to a reading but also feeling somewhat anxious, have no worries. Testimonial after testimonial from first-timers talk of how at ease Elaine made them feel. You know, like how sometimes when you meet somebody and you immediately relax? That’s a talent Elaine seems to have and something that is mentioned again and again.

So why not think about scheduling a session for yourself? Think about the next time you will be going in the direction of Chinatown and plan a get-together with some friends. Some some quality time with books, good cake and great company. And learn more about yourself by booking a reading today!