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A Green Guide On Sustainable Living In Singapore

Credit: Ground-Up Initiative | @oceanpurposeproject

Going Green is a movement widely associated with overpriced salad bowls, endless mountains of reusable bags and storing trash in mason jars. But how many Singaporeans know what living sustainably means?

With Singapore’s fast pace of life, Singaporeans need speed in everything they do. That’s why when it comes to choosing between sustainability and convenience, we almost always see the latter triumph. So, it’s time to abolish this mindset of convenience and do away with the untrue assumptions about a sustainable lifestyle with our green guide to living sustainably in Singapore.


Why Choose Sustainable Living?

Though Singapore may not be a big country in land size, it is estimated that each Singaporean produces more carbon emissions than our larger counterparts from France, Britain and Switzerland. With rising concerns about climate change, making the switch over to a greener, more sustainable lifestyle has never been more crucial.

Credit: @helpforourearth


1. Do Away With Single-Use Plastics

While it poses a slight inconvenience, halting the use of plastic bags at supermarkets can help greatly reduce the presence of plastic waste in our environment. Opt for biodegradable paper bags or handy reusable tote bags on your weekly grocery run instead, as these have a lesser impact on the environment and are perfect for those after-shopping selfies!

Credit: @naturamarea

Shops like the @notsoconveniencestore  are committed to spreading the word for going zero-waste by encouraging their shoppers to purchase more environmentally-friendly grocery options. The store pushes for shoppers to forfeit convenience for sustainability, making for a truly unique shopping experience.

Visit the @thenotsoconveniencestore from now till 30 March, and check out their array of inconvenient groceries!

Address: National Design Centre, 111 Middle Road, 188969

Opening Hours: 9 AM – 9 PM Daily

Social Media: Instagram


2. Shop Second-Hand

While we are always tempted to buy new, shiny things to add to our homes, shopping pre-loved or second-hand items are much more sustainable. With an array of options, you can shop for books, clothes and more, without having to scrimp on quality.

Image: Clothes thrifting at The Fashion Pulpit | Credit: The Fashion Pulpit

With local thrifting businesses like Thryft and The Fashion Pulpit, you can splurge on retail therapy without breaking the bank. Plus, you’ll be doing your part for the environment by helping to cut down on textile and paper wastage!


3. Opt For Sustainable Alternatives

If shopping second-hand just isn’t scoring in your books, then another solution would be to opt for sustainable alternatives when purchasing products! Shops like BYKURAHOME provide Singaporeans with access to environmentally friendly home goods that help reduce wastage of single-use products.

Image: Reusable Food Containers | Credit: @bykurahome

Choose from their array of aesthetically-pleasing collapsible lunch boxes, silicone ziplock bags, kitchenware and more! Contribute to their efforts to promote reusable products without scrimping on quality or design.


4. Reuse and Recycle

Even the most die-hard zero-waste gurus cannot avoid coming across the occasional single-use plastic product. However, instead of just chucking it in the bin, consider recycling your materials so that they can be repurposed and given new life! Sort your trash accordingly before dropping the items into the bright blue recycling bins.

Image: Plastic bottles recycled and transformed into art pieces | Credit: Inhabitat

You can also search for innovative ways to reuse your waste products safely. For example, plastic bottles can be repurposed into creative art projects or be filled with water to create makeshift dumbbells for exercise! So next time, think twice before throwing something away!


5. Learning About Sustainable Living

For someone new to the lifestyle, making the switch over to sustainable living can be daunting. And often, what stops us is not knowing where to start. That’s why having access to a variety of resources, platforms and websites are extremely helpful!

Credit: DBS Bank

Here’s our pick of helpful social media pages to get you started: @zerowastesingapore, @thesustainabilityproject, @notsoconveniencestore,, @greennudgesg,,, @greenisthenewblackcom, @sgclimaterally, @thesustainablefashionforum and oceanpurposeproject.


6. Volunteering Your Time

In addition to reading up on sustainable living, you can also volunteer your time with environmental organisations to get a more hands-on experience! Organisations like @oceanpurposeproject dedicate their time to spreading awareness on environmental conservation. They regularly organise beach-cleaning events, where volunteers can gather to help remove trash from Singapore’s beaches!

Image: Volunteers picking up trash at Pasir Ris Beach | Credit: @oceanpurposeproject

It’s a sure-fire way to get your blood pumping and a great way to get the kids involved and pumped up about doing their part for the Earth too! For more information on their events, check out their website here!


7. Visit The Kampung Kampus For A Green-Filled Day

At the Kampung Kampus, a variety of exciting projects await! Learn about sustainable living through a myriad of workshops and events – ideal for those interested in getting your hands dirty while working on nostalgic kampung-style plantations!

Image: Plantation workshops teach children about sustainable living | Credit: Ground-Up Initiative

Perfect for those itching for a dose of Vitamin D, the workshops at Kampung Kampus are interactive, engaging and highly insightful. Get a look into sustainable living in Singapore and bring the kids along for an educational afternoon!

Check out our full article on Ground-Up Initiative’s Kampung Kampus here!


8. Go Meatless One Day Of The Week

The meat industry is responsible for being one of the largest producers of greenhouse gases. These gases are extremely harmful to the environment and contribute heavily to global warming.  To combat this, you can opt to go meatless one day out of the week and contribute to the fight against greenhouse gases!

Image: Meat-free miso soup | Credit: @nathyskitchencom

Going meat-free has a slew of health benefits like helping to lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels, and is effective in preventing heart disease. Include a range of protein-rich meat veg like legumes, lentils, tofu, chickpeas and more in your afternoon nosh instead to keep yourself going for the whole day!


Fighting For A Greener Singapore 

Making the switch over to a greener, zero-waste lifestyle can seem extremely daunting at first. So it’s crucial to be patient and start by making smaller adjustments before transitioning over to larger, more significant changes. Though each action is small, collectively, these actions help contribute to shaping Singapore into a greener, more sustainable place!


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