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A Guide To Decorating Your TraceTogether Token

Source: Jasmine Teo from 8 Days and u/xjunn from Reddit

Whether it is hanging around your neck or strapped to your keys, the TraceTogether Token is always with you wherever you go. Wanting to personalize it is normal especially when you are trying to coordinate your outfit. The question is: Can we decorate it?

It is fairly common to hear people mistaking their AirPods case for the first-generation token. There are even instances where people accidentally took a family member’s token without checking. As socially responsible citizens, we should try to avoid all this.

An easy solution would be decorating your TraceTogether Token. However, since the tokens are property of the state, there are some guidelines that we must follow.

Here are the dos and don’t of decorating your TraceTogether Token!

What You Can Do
Source: Jasmine Teo from 8 Days

The most important thing that you must note is any form of decoration must be removable. This is in case the token needs to be sent back for repairs, battery change, or changing of the token. The bottom line is the TraceTogether Tokens are the property of the state. So, treat the tokens as if it is an item you borrowed from your friend.

  • Token Cases
Source: brickskinz on Carousell

If you are afraid of getting in trouble with the gahmen, carry your token around in cases. There are actually a few shops on Carousell selling token cases. This leather case is going for $24 on Carousell by brickskinz.

Source: seriouslyhandmade on Carousell

They even have really cute Among Us crotchet cases. These are by seriouslyhandmade on Carousell and come in a wide range of colours. This Carouseller also offers different sizes for all types of token,

The most important thing to look out for when buying a case for your token is the small window for the QR code. This is to make sure that you do not have to pull out your token every time you want to scan in!

  • Pasting Stickers
Source: u/xjunn on Reddit

If you choose not to buy a case, you can always put some stickers on it. However, you have to ensure that the stickers can be easily removed. At the same time, the stickers must not cover the QR code on the token. This is to make sure the token will be able to scan easily at the safe entry counters.

Make sure you choose your stickers carefully to avoid leaving any marks on the token!


What Not To Do
Source: ST Kua Chee Siong

The list of what not to do is pretty straight-forward as long as you keep in mind that the tokens are lent to us by the government. Here is what you cannot do when decorating the tokens:

  • No physical changes or alteration to the token.

This means you are not allowed to open up the token and modify it. In fact, this is considered a crime under the Computer Misuse Act according to The Straits Times.

  • No drawing or permanent changes to the token.

As previously mentioned, any decoration must be removable so that the token can be sent back when needed.

  • No covering the QR code on the token

The QR code is one of the most important aspects of the token. As previously mentioned, you need the QR code to scan at safe entry counters.


Be a socially responsible citizen in style! If you haven’t already, collect your token today. Find out where to collect here. Let’s do our part to help with contact tracing!