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A-MANE-zing: Here Are The Trendiest Hair Colours Of 2020


It’s only June, so it means that you have half a year to try out some new hair colours that are not only trendy and fashionable, they might suit your style just right. Ladies and men who coloured or highlighted their hair in the past would know that the process is a long one, often involves sitting in the salon for 4-6 hours depending on the hair length and complexity.

2020 is all about making a statement. It doesn’t matter if you have a bob cut, waves or sleek straight locks, here are some trendy hair colours you can consider for your next hair appointment.





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Recently, there are many celebrities sporting new hair colours and their common trait? Pink! Before you go ‘ewww’, hear us out. There are many shades of pink that may just suit your complexion. We’re talking celebrities like Julianne Hough (ombre pink), Dua Lipa with bubblegum pink, Anna Camp with watermelon pink and Taylor Swift with streaks of blue and pink hairstyle.





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Silver blonde hair is a rather avant-garde hair colour that pops. The silver, platinum-esque look makes you the center of attention the moment you step into a room. It is a popular hair colour but do note that if you want to keep your silver blonde hair colour looking fresh, regular touch-ups is key. For this look, be prepared to stay in the salon for long hours.


Ash Violet/Purple



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It’s not surprising to want to rock a purple hair do because it screams gorgeous! We’ve seen many ladies with violet hues and it instantly gave them a vibrant personality. I mean, a lady who can pull off a purple hair colour with a black dress and knee high boots is pretty much girl-crush material.


Amethyst Pastel



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Pastel-coloured hair fashion has been around for quite some time now but it seems to never get old. With a little tweak and mixing of dyes, a new colour trend is born. Take the amethyst hair colour for example. It’s a specific shade of purple that shines like the gemstone. Think grey-based shades of fading violet gorgeousness. The obsession with this striking hair colour will not stop even in the next few years to come.


Blushed Chocolate Brown



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Brown has always been a ‘safe’ colour especially for Singaporeans with black hair – something different but not too funky. Take it to the next level with a blushed chocolate brown colour, a subtle change but a lighter tone to enhance the dreamy brown strands. Almost like rose gold, this is a perfect blend of both brown and blonde.


Milk Tea



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Don’t be surprised by the name of the hair colour. Yes, you read that right. Milk tea. Truth be told, this trendy colour has been quite a hit since last year, with many people getting this brown-beige look. It’s actually really beautiful, giving off a creamy tone to its overall style. You don’t have to be a bubble tea fan to like this look.


Brown-Dark Blue Ombre


Blue is a tricky colour when it comes to your hair. Not many people dare to experiment with this colour and well, let’s face it – not all of us look good in blue. Some of us may look like fairies and mermaids after a blue makeover while others could be mistaken for a walking hair disaster. Like most of the flamboyant colours, this is a hit-or-miss, but we’re not saying you shouldn’t try it… Brown and blue together is quite a safe bet. However, you can always consider to just aim for the tips instead of splitting the colours equally.


Dark Metallic Blue



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Dark blue hair has the black hues within that gives off a mysterious yet bold look. A fashion statement for the rebels and artsy personalities who want to show off their cool and quirky side. This great thing about choosing a darker colour is that it is easier to maintain on darker hair colours.


Glossy Mocha


What do you expect when the world of hair colours have taken inspiration from our everyday lives such as the drinks we consume? Mocha is actually quite a common brown hair colour that will never go out of trend. It has a shade of reddish undertones that suits all skin types. Opt for the glossy coats to give that luscious and silky hair.


Strawberry Brown/Rose Brown



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Think of it as copper and burgundy mixed together to get this strawberry/rose brown hair colour. It’s great for Singaporeans with black hair who wants to go for a red outlook without going full fireman-red or the intensity of auburn and wine-like colours. For sure, this gives a nice pop of colour to your overall look, but it never steers towards being too ‘clowny’, if that’s what you are worried about. The subtle hints of pink in this trendy hair colour may just be the style you’ve been looking for.





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No, it does not involve any vampires, blood or werewolves. Twilighting is not a hair colour tone but more of a highlighting technique. It is said to be the ‘it’ trend for 2020, especially after seeing numerous celebrities flaunting their new twilighting style. Though it suits people with brown or brunette hair the most, there’s no harm in asking your stylist to try this colouring technique to enhance your mane. Essentially it is brown with warm, golden undertones, using a combination of balayage and babylights techniques. The result is a dazzling brownish-golden hair, even a vampire like Edward Cullen wouldn’t be able to resist.