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A New Work Normal But No Phase 3 Yet


Credit: geekwire

The pandemic has changed the way we do everything, including work. Singaporeans famously spend long hours at work. Based on my own, admittedly, very limited social circle, my peers spend anywhere from one-third to half of their day working. As the situation evolves in Singapore, our new normal at work keeps changing. Now it’s about to change again.

The Manpower Ministry announced that its requirements for safe management measures will be eased. From 28 September, you’ll be seeing more of your colleagues as those able to work from home return to the office. Still, to minimize unnecessary exposure at the workplace, the Manpower Ministry requires no more half of the company’s workforce to on the premises at any given time. Employers also have to ensure that their employees spend half of their working time working from home.

Bad news for people who hate being stuck in anything resembling a meeting: the Manpower Ministry has approved the resumption of conferences, Annual General Meetings, corporate retreats and seminars. Of course, the company will have to ensure the people involved do not exceed 50 persons. Safe Management Measures also applies.

Unsure about what applies in your workplace? Not sure about the details? You may refer to the Ministry of Manpower’s webpage on Safe Management Measures at work here.