Spotted! Media is Singapore’s first independent digital media company which rewards users for consuming content via our platforms. We deliver entertainment and lifestyle content to Singaporeans in a fun and interactive manner.

Founded by Eileen Ang since 2020, it is the only digital content provider which leverages on analytical data and innovation which incentivises our audience for the time and effort spent in engaging with our content. Our cross-platform network includes a Facebook page which showcases in-depth infotainment content; Instagram page which features a visual storytelling process and YouTube which users can get access to a wide range of exclusive and mainstream content. Spotted! Media also works strategically with corporate partners through the Rewards Programme to offer immense value to our audiences

We are headquartered in Singapore in a 2-unit office along with an in-house studio and top-of-the-art equipment, where our employees work hard to create impactful content aimed at generating organic buzz.

Our Team

Eileen Ang

Founder & CEO

Judy Tay

Head of Brand Strategy

Angela Tay

Integrated Business Marketing Lead

Raphael Marc Thomas

Social Sensei

Cheryl Chua

Media Ninja

Riche Tay

Connoisseur of Pantone


Copy Cruncher

Michele Lee

Savant of Pantone

Julaila Latiff

Social Media Rockstar

Emily Chan

People Champion