SPOTTED! MEDIA provides an exciting and rewarding experience for our readers, making it a dynamic place for advertisers like you. Our users are able to connect to your brand via various ad placements and content and earn rewards at the same time. Through our unique incentive-based concept, we help bridge the gap between you and them.

Some of our popular ad spaces are:

• Customised videos

• Editorials

• Banner ads

• Social media content

• Newsletters

Advertisers like you can also tap on our extensive support resources to build creatives such as photoshoots, social media content design and more; or create an event that will create an impact in the community. These are produced in-house by our team of experienced content creation team. Request for our media kit by writing in to us at today!

A Concept You've Never Seen Before

Our rewards programme enables registered users to earn Spotted! Coins through reading editorials or watching videos, in exchange for gifts in the Rewards Zone. Need a better reason to play around with our content? As an advertiser, you get a deeper insight in who’s interacting with your content to aid you in your marketing efforts!

Meaningful Insights

We get it, influencer marketing is exciting and can make your brand go viral. You also leverage on the content creator’s ready audience to shout out your brand – we’ve got all that, too. But let’s go one level up. Do you know that you can get a direct line to those interested in your brand? Talk to us to find out how.


Your brand via various comprehensive channels and advertising products


Insights to your campaign results to help you angle your brand in the market


Who your customers are so that you can reach out to them in a more effective way

Scalability For Advertisers


For Better Visibility

  • Rewards programme
  • Ad-hoc collaboration


We are not just your everyday media publishers. If influencer marketing is not your cup of tea, how about joining our rewards programme? Imagine coupon platforms, but without the fees! Or product sponsorships – why not, we’re open to those, too!

Market Adoption

Industry Listings

To Grow With You

  • Top 100 Blogs in Singapore on Feedspot

Competitive Advantages

Choice Channels

Depending on your business needs, the channel and mode of publicity can be tweaked to achieve your needs, e.g. Rewards Partners, editorial content.


With a transparent pricing model, small business owners like you can better manage your budget.


Our clients get access to a unique portal to track results of campaigns instantly. What’s more? You get to see who they are, too!

Local Flavour

If your target audience is in Singapore, finding an advertising site which specifically targets this group is more effective than other sites which features international content.


Our website utilises strong UI/UX techniques to optimise display and enhance user experience while browsing YOUR content.

Brand Image

Our content is controversial-free.

The SM Audience

Millennials & Working Adults

25 – 44 years old

Local Audience of 63K

Website: 55K
Facebook: 4K
Others (Google, etc): 4K

High Organic Traffic

30% of website traffic from organic search

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