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All About Pole Dancing In Singapore: Provocative Or Not

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In Singapore, certain types of sports triumph over others due to their glamour, the promise of fame and overall ‘coolness’. Some of these sports, like swimming, gymnastics, tennis, badminton and even football, are your run-of-the-mill go-to activities on the weekend.

But what about those who take the slightly more unconventional route? In recent years, pole dancing has made quite the name for itself in Singapore, with more women taking it up as a hobby. So, we’re here to uncover the stigmas surrounding pole dancing in Singapore and if it’s provocative or not.


Pole Dancing

Pole dancing is a sport that combines both dance and acrobatics on a vertical pole. Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t all about looking sexy while spinning around on a pole – but instead, it’s a high-intensity activity that requires both muscular endurance and coordination.

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Like any athlete, pole dancers undergo rigorous training before they can take on the pole. Pole dancers need to maintain their upper body and core strength to prevent severe injuries while dancing.

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Stigmas Surrounding Pole Dancing

With its roots in exotic dancing, burlesque and strip clubs, pole dancing is often viewed very sexually, with women who take up the sport being assumed to be promiscuous or provocative. This stigma is especially true in Singapore, given the more conservative and traditional society we live in.

According to Valerie Teo, a pole dance instructor at Groove Studios in Singapore, people don’t see the hours of hard work behind each routine. Instead, they only see a woman in a skimpy outfit, dancing in a sexy manner. Valerie also has to face others’ judgment constantly when talking about her profession. Comments like ‘pole dancing is sleazy’ and ‘overly sensual’ are not uncommon in her day-to-day.

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In the 1920s, pole dancing began as a form of male entertainment, where scantily-clad women would perform in circuses, bars, show and clubs to earn a living. However, in the modern-day, pole dancing has evolved to become a sport where women and men alike can try their hand at acrobatics and aerobic fitness.

In Singapore, many cite pole dancers’ tight-fitting clothes as a cause for misconceptions about the sport. However, this choice of clothing is necessary, as dancers need to expose more skin to the pole to stay upright while performing. Being too covered up poses a safety concern as the dancers may lose their grip and fall.

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SLAP Dance Studio 

After gaining significant traction over the years, pole dancing has amassed a large, close-knit community of loyal followers. Despite the sport’s stigmas, more and more women and men are turning to pole dancing as a hobby.

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Cue SLAP Dance Studio, Singapore’s leading pole dance studio working hard to normalise pole dancing as a form of fitness. The studio provides top-notch pole dancing classes to women and men, led by highly experienced instructors with years of experience. It’s a safe and inclusive space where people from all walks of life can learn while having fun!

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Not only is class an experience to remember, but the studio also prides itself on imparting valuable knowledge about dance and fitness. SLAP Dance Studio aims to empower its attendees, helping them explore outside their comfort zone through a myriad of challenging routines, twists and turns.

Credit: @slapdancestudio

Pole dance enthusiasts and long-time followers will say that they found a haven in Singapore’s pole dancing community, where they can be themselves without fear of judgment.

Address: 144 Robinson Road, #17-02, 068908

Opening Hours: 12.15 PM – 2.15 PM, 6.30 PM – 9.30 PM (Mondays – Fridays), 9 AM – 2PM (Saturdays – Sundays)

Website: SLAP Dance Studio

Social Media: Instagram


Power In Confidence

To conclude, it’s safe to say pole dancing is powerful because it is provocative. Apart from the many physical benefits, pole dancing is challenging Singapore’s societal norms while providing a safe community for pole dancers. The community actively fights to abolish unfair misconceptions and stigmas surrounding the sport while empowering others to rise above judgment and find power in confidence. Whether you’re a man or woman, it’s an experience you won’t forget!