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Amazon Markets Chinese Chamber Pot As Upmarket Fruit Basket

Credit: Amazon, memegenerator

Amazon. You can buy almost anything from there and have them ship it straight to your door. But sometimes, the search algorithms can misfire, leading to some unexpected finds. Recently, someone who was shopping for fruit baskets on Amazon saw this amongst their search results.

Credit: screengrab from Twitter

Based on the product description, it doesn’t seem like Amazon’s search algorithm is at fault. Rather, the culprit is far more likely to be human. To be specific, a human who happens to not know the true function of what appears to just be a wide-lipped porcelain pot.

That human was clearly bamboozled into listing the item as described on Amazon.

You Can Still Buy This On Amazon

Credit: Amazon

There’s even various photos of the “fruit basket” in action, with a chilled bottle of wine in it as well as loaves of bread.

Currently, it seems like the fruit basket is only available on Amazon UK.

Meanwhile, Chinese Twitter is still having a field day with Amazon’s faux pas.

Credit: @manyapan

Hannahzh, for instance, states in Chinese, “Are these foreigners having a misunderstanding of some sort with China? Buying a urinal to use as a fruit basket! Can imagine some foreigners bringing it home and treating it like an antique!”

Hannahzh also states with some incredulity about that this fruit basket costs over 200 RMB ($42.66 SGD).

It’s interesting to note though, that the “fruit basket” on Amazon UK is clearly being sold by a Chinese company.

Credit: screengrab from Amazon

There are even measurements being provided in Chinese!

Why Is This Happening?

Perhaps it’s a case of trolling of the highest degree being passed of as creative advertising.

Credit: Amazon

After all, if you don’t have any Chinese friends, you wouldn’t know the true, sordid history behind what appears to be just a colourful, pretty porcelain pot.

Diversity is good for preventing embarrassment!