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Ang Mor Does Taste Test For SAF Meal Kit


Steve1989 MRE Info on Youtube, a self-described “long time Ration Nut”, is based in Florida, in the United States. He was recently mailed a Meal Ready To Eat kit produced by the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF), meant to last one man for up to 24 hours. He proceeded to capture on video his reaction to the taste test.

First, there was breakfast…

Steve digs into the biscuits immediately and finds them to be very, very dry but also “highly dunkable” in the strong, extremely sweet tea provided by the SAF. He then digs into the lotus root and peanut soup and discovers that the peanuts are soft, like boiled peanuts. He declares the dish a “refreshing and hydrating” start for the day, perfect for the tropical climate. He finishes off breakfast with a small portion of boiled oats with crunchy corn bits, which appear to be his favourite so far.

Lunch consists of a main dish, which is spicy tomato bean and chicken stew, with hard kopi candies, more biscuits and porcari sweat.

It gets a pretty good score, although the black bean taste is reportedly quite overpowering, though fortunately this is something the spicy tomato sauce helps to tamp down. He describes the kopi candies as “heavily sweetened espresso hard candies”.

Dinner for Steve tonight will be sambal minced chicken pasta, with a blueberry and apple fruit bar and some honeyed chrysanthemum.

He decides to try the pasta first, much to his regret. When the boiled packet is open and poured onto the tray, he immediately remarks that it “smells like death”.

He then proceeds to take a bite. And another. And another. He then decides it’s not getting any better and gives up.

Comments on the video below are sympathetic to Steve’s plight.

One commenter states that they have intimate, first-hand knowledge of the edibleness of SAF’s food rations.

Another states that Steve will eat anything and if he refuses, it must be downright unpalatable.

Indeed, a quick look at his profile page confirms that he has eaten rations from as far back as 1893, provided they still pass a visual, smell and taste test.

The blueberry and apple fruit bar and honeyed chrysanthemum, however, pass with flying colours. Hopefully, they will help to offset the possibility of Steve developing “the sweats”, something he mentioned might happen if he pushed himself beyond his limits to consume more sambal pasta.

You can watch Steve1989MREInfo’s video here.

Do you have any experience indulging in SAF’s combat rations? Do you think SAF’s sambal chicken pasta has been unfairly maligned?

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