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Apple and the Singapore Government Team Up For LumiHealth App


It’s a free app, developed by Apple and Singapore’s Health Promotion Board, in order to help Singaporeans game their way to heartiness. It will be out later this month, although it’s already available for pre-order in the App Store. Who can use LumiHealth? Well, if you’re 17 years old and above and if you own an Apple Watch, you can start using LumiHealth.

According to Apple themselves, LumiHealth took 2 years to come about. Apple suggests in their news release that it was they who won over the Singapore Government after the latter spent some time requesting proposals from international healthcare and technology companies on how to make Singaporeans lead healthier lifestyles.

Credit: @apple_with_pleasure

Users of the Apple Watch will know that their watch can tell a lot about them. For example, the Apple Watch knows if they’ve had a fall, how long they’ve spent on their feet and if they’ve reached their daily exercise goal. Users of the Apple Watch Series 4 or later can even utilize the ECG App on their watch to make a note of their heart beat and rhythm.

These are the features that will help Apple will integrate into LumiHealth, to ensure that Singaporeans and Singapore residents are on the right path with regards to their health. Tasks which are personalized based on their vital statistics will be suggested, like walking, swimming or yoga. Apart from that, there are also mindfulness exercises and oh, the Apple Watch will also remind you about your unhealthy sleep habits.

Credit: Apple

As with all things Apple, the app comes with some graphics that look pretty rad.

LumiHealth is like a 2 year health and fitness programme you can sign yourself up for. According to Apple’s website, it begins when you receive your first Activity Goal. To encourage those of us who are motivated by fun AND rewards, there are Health Promotion Board e-vouchers to be won if you use LumiHealth. These are vouchers that can be used at a wide variety of places, from Nanyang Optical to New Balance and yes, you can also use them in all major supermarkets. Click here to see the list of participating merchants.

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Do you feel like you could benefit from a healthier lifestyle but it always seems as though you’re lacking the time to do so? Maybe LumiHealth can help you out with integrating healthier choices throughout your day and take you on a journey to a better you.