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Apply For "Citizenship" For Your Pet Today

Credit: Plus Accessories, Pawdigy Co

Perhaps the most famous pink Identity Card (IC) of all time belongs to one Batman bin Suparman. But pink ICs aren’t just for Singaporeans who can own HBDs and drink bubble tea. Your pets can now have pink ICs too!

Last week, ICs made by one print and accessory shop, Plus Accessories, went viral on Twitter.

Credit: Screengrab from Twitter

Many Singaporeans were tickled by the clever names pet owners came up with and of course, with Plus Accessories’ witty re-design of our national Identity Card.

For example, here’s Bahu Tan Rousong.

Credit: Plus Accessories

Non speakers of the Chinese language may be scratching their heads at this one. Bahu means pork floss in Teochew. Rousong (肉松) also translates to the same thing, in Mandarin Chinese. Here’s what pork floss looks like:

Credit: @michello.jello.eats

You’ll notice the hamster’s fur appears to be a similar colour.

Of course, there’s also Stir-Fried Sambal, or Sambal Tumis, the cat.

Credit: Plus Accessories

Did you notice that the pink IC is called an Identikitty Card?

If looking at all this has made you want to procure an identity card for your own animals, here’s a list of shops that can make your wish a reality.

Plus Accessories

Credit: Plus Accessories

The one that made it viral. Note that you can also choose between a variety of styles. Maybe you want your pup to have a Pawrican Express card, or your terrapin to have her very own Pawsport.

Price: $20.20 – $29.90

Click here for product page.


Credit: Pawdigy Co

Zoe Tay got her pet’s IC here. That’s all you need to know. What differentiates them from the others is that their ICs are made to be smaller in size. So that you can attach it to your pet’s collar! They also provide EZ Link card replicas and MyKad replicas, for pets that are especially boleh.

Price: $24.90 – $29.90

Click here for product page (pink IC)

Shopee (?!)

Credit: Shopee

If you would like to save a few dollars, there’s also Shopee. You can really buy anything on Shopee these days. Note that like the shops above, you can spend some time mulling over what kind of card you’ll like to get your pet. There’s even a Rainbow Bridge card, for the dearly departed.

Price: $21.00 (U.P. $23.80)

Click here for product page.

What card would be perfect for your pet? Or perhaps you’ll like to get one for your friend’s pet instead, as a surprise?

Credit: Plus Accessories

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