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area65's Playful Keychain Clan Badges Are A Delight

Credit: area65

Remember how during your secondary school days, those name keychains were all the rage? At virtually every bookstore, there’d be rotating display cases full of name keychains, usually made of wood.

Anybody with a common Christian or English name would find their name easily among the dozens but if you have a Chinese, Malay or Indian name, you’d be out of luck.

Credit: danbar

Now with area65’s keychain Clan Badges, Chinese Singaporeans who have more common family names will be able to wear their names proudly.

From Tan to Toh, you’ll find something suitable for yourself or a friend!

Credit: area65

What’s more, the keychains are now on discount, at $6.80 each instead of the usual $9.90.

Each keychain’s design showcases a witty visual pun and all of the designs are done in an appealing childlike manner. Most of them also feature bright hues so you can add a pop of colour to your everyday bag.

Credit: area65

Some of the puns used may not be immediately apparently to people who don’t speak Chinese.

Credit: area65

For example, the Wong badge refers to the Chinese name for a bee (mi feng), which is sometimes prefixed with weng, a nod to the insect’s buzzing.

Sadly, the Queks of Singapore will have to wait for area65 to stock up on Duck/Quek keychains.

Singaporeans looking to add a bit of local flavour to their office or home can also find some gems, something literally, since in-house brand Meykrs is behind the Gem Biscuit plushies and coin purses you may have seen around.

Credit: area65

Which is your favourite keychain clan badge? Can’t decide? You can click here to take a look at their whole catalogue. Can you think of other family name puns? Tell us on our Facebook page here.