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Asian Recipes To Test How Cultured Is The Chicken

Source: @dhy_kitchenworld and Eat Just

Cultured chicken has just been cleared for commercial sale in Singapore. However, will it clear the Asian mum test? Asian recipes are another test that the lab-grown chicken by Eat Just Inc would have to clear when they start their commercial sales in Singapore.

Cultured meat, also known as lab-grown meat and cell-based meat, is made in laboratories using animal cells. This is a no-kill method of producing meat without harming any animals and is also good for the environment. According to the Straits Times, lab-grown meat is a key alternative protein of the future in Singapore.

Source: Eat Just

Singapore is currently boosting efforts in food-related research with a goal with have 30% of Singapore’s nutritional needs to be locally produced by 2030. This means we can look forward to more cultured meat options and home-grown vegetables in the future.

It is not confirmed yet when the cultured chicken will be sold in Singapore. There are talks about the cultured chicken being used in “chicken bites” or nuggets that will be launch later.

Being Singaporeans, we have prepared a series of recipes to test out the cultured chicken. Are we ready to switch to cultured chicken?


Salted Egg Chicken
Source: Unilever Food Solution

This is a well-loved dish by Singaporeans and the easiest to cook. With the first product most likely being chicken bites, you can test how the fried culture chicken bites will hold with the sauce.

Get the Knorr Golden Salted Egg Seasoning Powder to make the sauce. The recipe is straight forward. All you need is water to make the sauce!

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Chicken Curry
Source: Taste Asian Food

Every race in Singapore has a version of curry. This dish will test the diversity of the lab-grown chicken and how well it soaks in all the delicious curry flavours from the different curry recipes.

Try a basic curry recipe with Baba’s Packet Curry Powder. This recipe is an essential test for most Singaporean households if they are planning to switch their diet to cultured chicken.


Chicken Rendang
Source: @emymellisa

Rendang is a dish to see how long the cultured chicken can last after it is cook. If cooked right, dried rendang can last up to a week with proper storage. It also requires the meat to be slow-cooked for long hours with constant stirring. This would be a tough test.

Make your rendang with Dancing Chef Padang Rendang Paste if you want a quick and easy way to try the recipe.


Char Siu Chicken
Source: @dhy_kitchenworld

This is a dish you can find in many hawker centres. It is a dish that could determine if the cultured chicken may one day be widely sold everywhere in Singapore. It will test how well the lab-grown chicken meat can marinate in the char siu sauce and holds its taste after being roasted.

Lee Kum Kee Char Siu Sauce will make your life a lot easier with a remarkably simple recipe.


These recipes are a great test to see if Singaporeans can easily convert to a future with cultured meat. If it passes the test for every recipe, it will mean that cultured chicken could easily be included in every Singaporean diet. For now, we have to wait for the arrival of the lab-grown chicken!