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Ateez Tries Instagram’s How Old Do I Look Filter, Hilarity Ensues


#Kpop is trending everyday on Twitter but today was something special. First of all, fans of Ateez were STOKED that Mingi was on fire in Weverse, which is an app for artist-to-fan communications for K-pop bands and musicians. Fans worldwide were fanning themselves as they uploaded screenshots and gifs of Mingi doing his duties liaising with his supplicants.

Credit: @cookiepath
Credit: Twitter screengrab
Credit: @realbaekhos

Then, videos and gifs of Ateez trying Instagram’s How Old Do I Look Filter emerged. Here are the official results:

Park Seonghwa: 23 (Actual age: 22)
Kang Yeosang: 23 (Actual age: 21)
Kim Hongjoong: 29 (Actual age: 22)
Jung Wooyoung: 24 (Actual age: 21)

Credit: @purplesanjook

Choi San: 18 (Actual age: 21)
Song Mingi: 29 (Actual age: 21)
Choi Jongho: 41 (Actual age: 20)

Credit: @jonghover

While I have yet to see a video of Jongho reacting, as Ateez’s youngest member, to looking like their oldest, here is Mingi’s reaction:

Credit: @mingilights

Have you tried the Instagram filter that guesses your age? Do you think it’s accurate?