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Available Now: Lifetime License For Your Doggo


Are you a dog owner? If you have a three year license for your animal pal, you may have received a notice that your dog now has a lifetime license! This is in line with Animal & Veterinary Service and NPark’s new push to get more pet owners to license their dogs.

I’ll apply for the licensing myself, thanks. Credit:

With effect from today, you need only pay $35 per sterilised dog. This applies if you have up to 3 dogs, although you may wish to note that licensing fees go up to $460 for the fourth and subsequent dogs. The exception is if you decide to adopt a sterilised, obedience-trained mongrel from NPark’s animal welfare rehoming partner.

Licenses that are valid for up to one and three years will still be available to purchase, to provide additional options for those with sickly or elderly dogs.

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In a ChannelNewsAsia article from March this year, then Senior Parliamentary Secretary for National Development, Sun Xueling, raised the importance of maintaining public and animal health through effective licensing, as all licensed dogs are required to be microchipped. This helps the authorities track the animal and keep up to date on the health status of the animal.

Here is a chart from NParks that breaks down the information:

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Did you know that according to the licensing rules, you may be slapped with a fine up to $5,000 for breaching any of the regulations?

This includes but is not limited to, not updating the authorities within 28 days if there’s been a change of the animal’s place of residence and letting your dog be in public without a leash. If your dog is a Part II Specified Dog, a category that includes breeds like the German Shepherd, Bull Terrier and Mastiff, your dog must also be muzzled when in public, in addition to being leashed. Newly licensed Part II Specified Dogs are also required to enroll in Obedience Training.

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Licensees also need to take up an insurance policy of at least $100, 000 coverage in case of damage to property and injury to persons! Wah.

With the advent of lifetime licenses, now Member of Parliament Sun Xueling says dog owners will save more than $800 in over 10 years. Hmm… Does this mean more treats and toys for your beloved puppers?